Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I really like Christmas. I guess you could say I love it because I get to spend time with my family, but I do that on pretty much any occasion. So I am saying I really like Christmas time. Why you may ask?! Well, I love the spirit that comes with Christmas. The joyful feeling in the air. The shopping and swapping with Secret Santas!

Katy has hosted #SuperAwesomeSecretSanta the past 2 (maybe more) years and I've joined in the fun. Now I know this isn't a blog swap, rather an IG swap, but I loved my Secret Santa and her gifts so much I had to share it with you!

I saw a lovely picture on the hashtag page by Chrissy. It was the back of an envelope saying to open the gifts first before reading the note. I thought it was really cool and wished I knew what the gifts were. Turns out, those gifts and the note were for me! How lucky am I?! [Really lucky apparently!]

I took this picture - I didn't want to steal pictures!

I opened the box and was met by 3 wrapped packages and a hand full of Lindt Lindor truffles! Let's just take a moment to appreciate the chocolate by itself.... Ahh! Okay on to the really good stuff. Here is all the goodies I received.

After opening all of my packages, I opened the note. Chrissy is absolutely the sweetest Army wife currently in El Paso. She said that she had looked through my instagram feed and saw that I was engaged. She used the questionnaire we answered as well as my likes through my feed to help her pick out my gifts.

She explained that she got the dish to hold my ring while I was showering, cooking, ect. It was the perfect gift I didn't even know I needed! I always take my ring off before getting in the shower. I usually set it in the same place every time but there have been a few times that I have put it in a different spot and then have a miniature freak out when it isn't where I usually put it. Problem solved! Plus it's an adorable problem solver.

In the questionnaire, I said my favorite animal was the hummingbird. I think they are super cute and absolutely amazing. If you ever get the chance to watch them, look at how fast they can flap their wings. It's incredible. Anyway, she said this would be pretty in the lights of the Christmas tree and boy was she right. Although I didn't put it on the Christmas tree per se, it is on beautiful display on my Christmas palm tree.

Lastly is the necklace. She said the necklace symbolizes the joining of something greater - entering into a marriage, a new family, a new way of life and a new sisterhood of the military spouses. Although I love all of the gifts, I believe this one is my favorite. I can't even begin to describe how incredibly meaningful this necklace is to me.

Chrissy's secret Santa gift honestly made my day. I felt like she has known me for many, many years. Her gifts are so meaningful and well thought out. Receiving her gift has made me love and appreciate Christmas even more!

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  1. Cute presents! I did a swap and I haven't sent my stuff out yet...I'm a failure.

  2. What thoughtful presents. What a fun Secret Santa. Chrissy sounds like such a sweetheart. I wish I was as good at coming up with awesome presents for others!

  3. Oh, those gifts are so sweet and thoughtful! Love it :)

  4. These are wonderful gifts! :)