The Christmas Where You Have to Spell Your Name to Prove It's You!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This past weekend was the Norton/Strawser family Christmas party. We celebrate Christmas with all of our "super-extended" family with an ornament swap, Santa dropping off a bag of gifts and of course FOOD! It is always quite a hoot and this year was no exception!

Since I don't see many of these family members very often except at the Christmas party and family reunion, I always love to dress my best. I found this cute red lacy dress at Penny's and when I saw it I just knew I had to have it. The fact that it was on sale for $10 just meant that it was meant for me to get that dress. I also had the opportunity to wear my sparkly gold sequin heels which really make me excited!

One of the most fun parts of the party was the ornament exchange. We had 20 people participating and of course there were 4 or 5 ornaments that were fought over.

Those are the ornaments we took to the exchange. I was about to get the little snowman skater guy except Nanny, who had number 20, took him from me! So instead I got the red and green ornament because I liked it best out of the others.

You can see me in the wee back standing beside Nanny and Pop.  Anyway the ornaments we ended up coming home with were all very cute.

Dad and I ended up getting matching ornaments. Before the party, Mom and I had bought Nanny and Pop's ornaments because we found them at an extremely great price. So Dad got the elongated ornament Nanny brought and I chose the round ornament we brought!

Mom chose a gold and silver ornament one of her uncles brought because it went perfectly with her gold tree in the dining room.

After the holiday cheer of stealing some ornaments from everybody, we got together and sang Christmas carols. I was pretty lucky that other people were around snapping pictures because I was completely lacking on the picture taking during the party. Though none of my family that I know of reads, I want to give a shout out to them for taking some pictures.

It is tradition for us to sing Christmas carols and then when we start singing "Here Comes Santa Clause" Santa Clause (or Santa's helper in our case this year) would magically come in the door. This year my dad was Santa's helper. He came in the door asking if anybody had heard that noise. He was outside and saw Santa fly by on his sleigh and drop this big bag full of gifts as a reminder to be nice!

Everybody was in hysterics as my dad gave out the gifts. As the kids names were called and they would eagerly come up to get their gift he would say "You're not Robbie... oh yeah that's you Robbie!" One girl he even asked to "Spell your name to prove it's you!"  Everybody was dying!

I am laughing just thinking back about our party! Does your family have a get together?!

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  1. So cute. Looks like such a great time!! And I love your dress!

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  3. How fun!! You look gorgeous. :)

  4. This looks like so very much fun :) and you looked stunning