What's Going On With Me Lately

Friday, December 13, 2013

I haven't really given a update about my life lately. I'm also feeling kind of listy today so I going to link up with the Five on Friday with A. Liz AdventuresCarolina CharmHello Happiness and The Good Life Blog!

1. I've been studying my behind off with the new Pharmacy Tech book I rented from the library. I may have slacked the first couple of days I rented it so this past week and up until Monday is going to be heck trying to get it all written into note cards before it's due back to the library! I've been over so much, there are all kinds of drug names floating around my brain!

2. Christmas wrapping awaits me! I have done my shopping, gotten most of the gifts boxed up but have yet to actually wrap them. Looks like that might get done during a study break or else after Monday!

3. This is my second week with the First day to 5k series. I've worked my way up to jogging/walking 2.3 miles in approximately 26 minutes. That's probably not the best time out there compared to some runners but the way I look at it is that I'm trying and actually getting my behind out of the computer chair!

4. Last night my parents and I went to Fleming's for dinner. I had a glass of Ruffino Moscato D'Asti with my dinner and it was amazing! I'm going to have to try to find in stores because I think I need this wine in my life.

5. Tomorrow is the Strawser/Norton family Christmas party. It's sure to be a wonderful crazy time. It always is. We are doing a ornament exchange. Mom and I found some super cute ones at Michael's that I think will be a hit!  I'll have to come back next week and give y'all all the details!

PS I totally hung these ornaments on my palm tree to take their picture. Who said you can't have a beachy Christmas?!

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  1. I think that's a great running time! Doesn't matter how fast you are all that matters is that you are out there doing it. :)

  2. {Visiting from 5 on Friday} Congrats on the run!! :) Have fun at your family Christmas party this weekend! Love that you hung ornaments on a palm tree ;) Happy Friday & Merry {almost} Christmas!!

  3. Oo I'll have to try that moscato. And I had never heard of ornament exchanges until I went to one with my bf last year. It was so fun. I hope you have a wonderful time at the party!

  4. You can totally be beachy at christmas!!!! Said from a new resident OF the beach!!!! :)
    Merry, merry, girlie!! xx

  5. Congrats on running, you are lapping everyone on the couch so be proud of where you are now. Moscato is my favorite wine! Have fun at the Christmas Party!

  6. I think an ornament exchange is such a great idea! I wish I could talk my family into doing that. Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  7. Mmm Moscato is my favorite! I'll have to look for that kind!

    Happy to be your newest follower :)


    1. Moscato is my favorite kind of wine as well! Thanks for dropping by and following! :)

  8. I am in the second week of a 5k program as well. Great job!

  9. Awesome 5 on Friday. I LOVE ornament swaps, only problem is for weeks I've been sweating over picking the perfect ornament. Take some time away from studying and enjoy your party, I am sure you deserve it!

    Angi@ cantbuymelovvve.blogspot.com