Dating -- It Can be So Rough!

Friday, January 24, 2014

After you've been in a relationship so long you almost forget how the dating scene is. Before I get too far into this, I want to clarify that John and I are perfectly fine. However! Our friend, Jake, is still in the dating scene.

John and Jake

Talking to him has got me thinking. How do you meet new people? Where do you go to make new friends? And how the heck did I ever find boyfriends? Dating can be so rough sometimes.

Seriously though, how do you meet new people?! The movies and TV shows make it look so simple. You go to your favorite coffee shop and suddenly you meet the girl of your dreams. First of all, who the heck has the money to go to a coffee shop that often and how do you have time to just sit around at there? I mean it's not like you have this intuition that the perfect girl will walk through the door at 8 pm and you have to be here. No, that's not how it works. I feel like Jake would be sitting there for years.

The other way I came up with besides letting fate take a course was through friends. But that can get a little awkward, you know. You set the two people up and then things don't work out. The whole friendship could get ruined between a few of people in the involved party. We've actually seen this happen. Luckily the girl got the boot because it turned out the was a little bat sh** crazy. So meeting people through friends seems like a better choice than sitting around a coffee shop until you're grey.

You join clubs or groups, you put yourself out there and hopefully you meet somebody. I think instead of a coffee shop, we're going to make the pool in the spring and summer our hang out spot. There has to be some cute Charleston girls around the apartment pool, right?!

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  1. The dating scene is so exhausting to me! I have never found it enjoyable.

  2. Dating is so rough. I'm happy now but I've had a lot lf duds.

    I met my bf on a boat happy hour cruise. My advice to Jake would be just to go out. If a friend invites you somewhere, go. You just never know where you'll meet someone. So when I was single, I took everyone up on offers to go out!

  3. I have absolutely no idea how to meet people unless you're in school or maybe at work? I agree with Kelly...get out there and try everything. Good luck to your friend.

  4. Dating is awful and I hate everything about it!!!! It is soooo hard to meet guys!