Everything We Didn't Know We Wanted

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I have been super excited about moving in to my first apartment with John. We started thinking about if we wanted to rent a house, apartment or even townhouse. Eventually we decided an apartment for our first year would probably be best. And so the hunt began.

After searching through multiple sites and looking at thousands [maybe closer to like] 20 apartments online in the Charleston area we finally decided on seven places we would actually like to go look at. Most of them looked super nice. They all had exactly what we were looking for and were in a nice area. It was so hard to just choose a few to actually go look at. Lucky for us, John's friend Jake is going to be living with us so he helped us choose.

Out of the seven apartments we looked at, they were all very nice. We had some tough decisions but we stuck with our guts and what felt best for us. Now we just have to hope that there will still be an apartment available when it comes time to get ready to move.

So drum roll please....

[Choice #4]

As the last apartment we looked at we were beginning to get a little tired but were still in awe of this wonderful apartment complex. All the apartments were centered around this wonderful pond and featured a screened in porch or sun room. I personally loved the sun room!

Unfortunately this complex didn't have any pictures inside the apartments but that's alright because it was our fourth choice and is slightly unlikely we will actually live here. The reason this one was fourth was because there seemed to be fees everywhere. A fee to rent a washer and dryer, monthly fees to have a pet, ect. It was just a slight downfall for us.

[Choice #3]

This was also quite a marvelous apartment complex. It is a gated community which is perfect. The apartment was lovely inside. The best part was that they have a tanning salon in the clubhouse or whatever it's called. Not that I actually tan in a tanning bed but I thought it was pretty neat!

This is a view from the end of the living room into the dining room and kitchen. I really love that it has a dining area plus a place to eat at the bar. Super cute. Plus there is a porch directly behind the picture. I thought this was very nice.

[Choice #2]

When we arrived at this location we had driven all over creation because instead of mapping out all the apartments we simply went down the list. Coincidentally, we had already passed this apartment to get to choice #3. So we had to drive back. By that time I really had to use the lady's room. I asked the lady at the front desk. She pointed me in the right direction and said that I was on a timer. I kind of laughed and wondered what in the heck she was talking about. As I went into the dark restroom I understood her joke. The lights were on one of those timers where you set it to a specific time and it goes off after that amount of time.

After getting back to the group, the lady was very nice and funny. She had asked John all about us and even gave him a quiz about my dog, Christy upon the question about pets. After talking all about the apartments we went to see one. As soon as we stepped into the apartment we felt at home. The living room was laid out perfectly with the dining room and kitchen and it just felt like home. To be honest I don't know how it was different than any other apartment we saw that day but it really just felt like someplace I would want to live. It might also have something to do with the porch swing!

[Choice #1]

This happened to be the first apartment we actually toured. When we pulled up we noticed it was in a sort of out of the way place. But we noticed the gate around apartment complex which was a huge plus, no unwanted visitors!

This place literally had everything we didn't know we wanted. I just want to share some of the wonderful amenities around the complex before I even get into the apartment itself.

There is a wonderful outdoor kitchen with fireplace and 365 day pool. Not that I'm anxious to be taking a swim in the current weather, I might be willing to lounge out by the pool on warmer days though.

They also have a guest suite that you can rent for any guests who you may not want to stay in your apartment. The guest suite comes fully furnished which we considered amazing. So now on to the actual apartment.

When you first walk into the apartment there is a little hallway off the main foyer area that contains one of my favorite features and I don't mean the laundry room.

Hello blogging command central. But really, I don't know who will claim the desk area, I just thought it was super cool. Okay so moving on... each of the bedrooms can comfortably fit a king size bed which might mean John and I are getting an upgrade!

 And the even better part is huge walk in closets enough for all of our clothes!

And of course it has the kitchen, dining and living area but it looks so fabulous! I could have never imagined having such a luxurious place.

I also [purposely] forgot to mention the sun room. I like to keep a few surprises up my sleeve to keep y'all on your toes. I honestly think the sun room may be my favorite place in this whole apartment. The boys can have the desk, my blogging command central will be right by those windows.

I hope you can see why this place is our numero uno choice. It is exquisite! There are no more words that I can say about it. Just fabulous. Period.

Now we just have to get the apartment and start decorating. Piece of cake!

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  1. Wow. Those are all gorgeous! P.s. I will say we've always paid an extra fee for renting with our dog. Its pretty standard. So you may want to set yourself up for that now.

  2. They all look beautiful! And such great ammenities!! Good luck :-)

  3. Wow these are amazing! Good luck!

  4. I can definitely see why your #1 choice is your #1 choice. I'm dying for a place with a walk in closet. AND a pool!? Score!