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Thursday, January 23, 2014

I can take a sign of relief. Those pesky gas price signs won't be blurry at night anymore! My eye doctor appointment went well whatever Friday I went. I was very nice and polite to all of the people I came into contact with while at the office, unlike the last time I went for my visit.

Unfortunately, I was not as lucky to escape the office without having to get my eyes dilated or picking out and ordering glasses. While I waited for my eyes to look like my dogs eyes, I tried on probably about 20 pairs of glasses.

The optician helping me was super funny and very, very helpful. When Maria (the optician) asked if she could pick out some glasses for me to try on and I said yes, she got such a look of joy and said that she had the perfect idea for me. Although I wasn't exactly thrilled to be getting glasses, I was glad that Maria had an idea of what would fit me perfectly.

When I tried on about the 3rd pair they stuck. I tried on several others and kept going back to that third pair. I really thought I wanted black frames but my mom and Maria said the black was a little too bold and harsh for my hair/skin combination. I stuck with the burgundy pair I really liked. But I did find this brighter pair of purple glasses I really liked. They were basically the same style just different colors. Although after a complete unbiased opinion from another one of the ladies in the office I went with the trusty 3rd pair I tried on.

I am lucky though. I needed glasses for my nearsightedness. It isn't horrible from what I gathered and only have to wear them as needed. Basically because I was complaining about lights being very fuzzy at night my doctor said I should wear them at night when I'm driving or take them with me to the movies, anything where I might be looking at something in the distance. But that they don't have to be a full time thing. I'm pretty happy about that because I will definitely have to get used to seeing myself in glasses.

 This picture is in the sample pair and please don't make fun of how I look. I was feeling a bit rough as my eyes were fully dilated at this point.

What do you think? I was told by a friend that if I looked very normal in glasses. I would have looked right if they hadn't known I only just got them.

Also if you wouldn't mind, please keep John in your thoughts and prayers today as he is having his eye surgery. Thanks y'all!

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  1. I think your glasses look great on you! I actually rather like my glasses :)

  2. I think those glasses look great on you!!

  3. I agree, the glasses look good! Prayers for John!

  4. Super cute! Glad this appt when better than your original time :)