Sore in All the Wrong and Right Places

Monday, January 13, 2014

Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year? I made some, though I didn't really put as much thought into it this year as I did last year. I feel like I always make goals throughout the year so there wasn't much need in trying to come up with this huge comprehensive list right before January 1.

On the way back to South Carolina as I was listening to the radio I heard a little blurb about how health/exercise/losing weight are the top resolutions people make at the New Year. I can see how that can be a big one. It has definitely been on my resolutions lists in the past and although it's there again this year though I'm not being super strict on myself at the beginning because I know it's something that I will continue throughout the year. It won't be just a resolution I talk about and forget. Honestly, I really enjoy working out and trying to be health conscious (in all aspects of my life), so it is enjoyable to me.

Why is exercise and health such a big resolution though? I mean I truly get why people want to be healthy, but I feel like it should be an all year long thing. Maybe I just think of it that way because it is fun to me, plus I tend to look at things more scientifically and think how I don't want any nasty diseases in the long run. Though I suppose it's not too important why it is the top resolution people make, as long as they try to stick with it.

So now that I've gone wayyy off topic, I decided to try to add some extra exercise routines into my week besides just the First Day to 5k I've been doing. I found a few ab workouts I wanted to try. I did one the other day and man has it left me sore in all the wrong and right places.

One that I found was just plain floor exercises and the other used one of those large "yoga" workout balls. Since that large ball was outside and it was raining out, I didn't particularly want to go out to the garage to get it so I tried the floor exercise.

It did do a good job of working my abs, but it also got to my tailbone. I don't know if I did it wrong or what, but I think I might go find that yoga ball for tomorrow. I like sore abs, just not a sore behind!

So for all of y'all who made resolutions to be healthier, workout more often or lose weight, I hope you are maintaining your resolutions and I wish you success in this wonderful new year!

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  1. I've actually done this one, and it really helps to put your hands in a sort of triangle under your bum to frame your tailbone. It saved me from endless rubbing, too! My gym membership finally expired here in NH, and I can't renew because I'm moving soon, so I'm living on these things!

  2. I think this is awesome! As far as your tailbone hurting I have had that happen a few times too. It comes and goes.

  3. I agree with you: being healthy should be a year round thing and not just a start-of-the-new-year resolution. I definitely notice more people at the gym the first month of the year!