Time To Get My Walk On

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I never realized how little I walk during the day. I mean I don't go around counting my steps or recording every little move I make, but I did think I move more than I actually do.

I got the Fit Bit for Christmas and have been wearing it ever since. Holy moly is it sometimes hard to get all 10,000 steps in. I'll walk across the house a few times to do something and it's only 300 steps. I guess I always thought I was doing more.


Even though I have found it sometimes hard to get my 10,000 steps in, I do like that it is always recording. I don't have to set up my Nike + running do-hickey thing just to take the dogs for a walk. It's nice. Plus it makes me be more active. Instead of just sitting on the couch at night and watching TV, I will get up and walk around during the commercial breaks. I might look a little silly but I figured every little thing helps right?! It's time to get my walk on.

After having spent a week with John pretty much on the road the whole time I understand how bad fast food is for you. I feel so blah. Although since I've been trying to walk more it does seem to help me not feel so bloated and "round" from all that fast food. Although I do have to say the KFC mashed potato bowl and the Panera soup was mighty good this past week.

I can't be slacking on my goals too much. It's only the beginning of January!

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  1. My friend just got the fit bit and likes it too. I'm so on the fence about getting one. I can't decide whether I want the fit bit, the fuelband, or whether I should wait a bit until a new gneration comes out. It sounds like an awesome device though!

  2. We tried hard to not eat much fast food while we were gone and we did surprisingly better than I thought haha.