I'm Really Not A Fan of Change

Monday, February 10, 2014

I am not very good with change. I will be the first to admit that. I don't remember if I've always been this way or if it has been a more recent thing I've acquired about my life. In either case, the change to wearing glasses has been quite a different one.

As I said a little earlier, I have nearsightedness meaning I have trouble seeing things at a distance. My vision is only slightly less than perfect. So looking through the glasses only helps when I am looking at something that is further away from me. Therefore one of the biggest things I've had to get used to is actually looking through my glasses when I'm wearing them. I will look under them or over them because in reality, I can see pretty well without them.

One of the best things about wearing them is that at night when neon signs begin to get a little fuzzy, putting on my glasses makes all of it get so crisp again. I knew the green neon signs (especially diesel fuel prices) were so fuzzy I could hardly read them at night. But other than those, I didn't even realize my eye sight was getting less than perfect.

The one thing I was very shocked about while wearing my glasses is how it makes the colors of things so much more vibrant. Honestly, I never expected that to happen. I guess when things come into focus more, you are able to see everything better even colors.

I have to admit the change made me kind of a baby. I was pretty upset that John and I now pretty much have the same vision and I had to have glasses while he does not. I know that is pretty lame that it would make me that upset but I always prided myself in having wonderful vision. Maybe I was a little vain to not want to wear glasses. And although I am not a super huge fan of actually wearing them and am kind of in denial of having them still, I am trying to be excited that things will be clear and crisp whenever I need them to be.

Does anybody else have an aversion to change like me? Please tell me I'm not that only one!

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  1. Aw change is hard for everyone. It is exciting that your vision is more vibrant and things will be clearer when you need them to be. And I'm sure you'll adjust to looking through them more readily.

    Plus you look lovely in them!

  2. Change is always tough but it will get easier over time. :)