My Face is a Blank Canvas

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I have a confession. I am the type of girl who loves to get dressed up. I love putting on a pretty dress, doing my hair and make up. Wearing the ridiculously high heels and prancing around all night. That's totally me. See exhibit A.

Exhibit A

I love watching YouTube beauty videos learning new techniques and wishing I could afford all the expensive makeup palettes. I love trying out what I've learned from the videos and seeing what works best for me. I feel like every time I put on makeup I'm faced with a blank canvas that I can create whatever way I want. That might be a weird analogy to some but to me it makes sense. And I have to admit, sometimes my masterpiece looks better than others.


But sometimes I just don't want to put on makeup. I want to feel pretty without anything but my naked face. I never used to view myself as pretty without any makeup; I thought I looked sick. I wouldn't leave the house without eye liner and mascara. I guess I didn't have anybody telling me different. But John has been telling me I'm beautiful without it. So when I don't feel like doing face makeup, I don't.

I don't feel like going out of the house without make up makes me any less prissy than I normally am. And I hope it doesn't give the impression that I don't care about how I look, because I do. I suppose I sometimes just want people to see me as me, my natural beauty, freckles, flaw and all.

Does anybody else feel like this? How important is your facial appearance to you? Will you leave the house with a fresh, no-makeup face?

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  1. I am the SAME way! I spend hours watching beauty Vlogs on Youtube. I love when we go out somewhere when I can wear a dress and heels and get dolled up. I think it's important for women to do that every once and awhile. I know it really makes me feel good about myself and raised my self esteem! However, I am perfectly content on the days I wear sweats/jeans and no makeup (which is 95% of the time). My Husband also makes sure he tells me I'm beautiful whether I am dressed up or sitting on the couch in yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt. I appreciate that and it makes me feel good too!

  2. I generally don't care about my makeup. I love pinning things on Pinterest and, occasionally, trying something new, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter to me. My husband likes my bare face, and it makes me happy going bare-faced :)

  3. I'm the same way! I love getting dressed and fancy but there are days where no makeup is going on.

  4. Aw, John is such a sweetie. And he's right! You are lovely with or without make up. I don't like leaving the house without mascara either...but slowly breaking that :)

  5. Sounds like you have such a keeper!!! I must say there are a lot of days that I don't wear make up oooops lol