Surviving Like Jericho

Monday, February 17, 2014

I've never really considered myself one of those apocalypse, the world will end type of people. Well, I never considered myself in that category until I watched the Jericho series.

If you have never heard of or watched Jericho, it's a TV series now on Netflix about a small town in northwest Kansas. At the beginning of the series, the town sees that some kind of explosion has occurred in Denver, Colorado. As the series goes on, it becomes apparent that the United States has been attacked by some group who has set off 20 something bombs (I don't remember the exact number) in major cities, including Washington DC, across the country to cripple the government. The TV show explores the struggles of Jericho after the nuclear attack while the US tries to get back on it's feet.

After watching the show it has really made me think about how I live currently. I don't think I could have survived more than a month in that situation. Seeing how the town struggled to feed it's people and keep everybody warm during the winter, it makes me want to start keeping my own little stock-pile of food and preparing for the worst.

I like to be an optimistic person, and I try very hard to be that way, but the truth is that it could happen. I honestly hope it doesn't, but there's no harm in being slightly prepared right? Like knowing how to make bread in case you can't just go to the local store to buy some. Or knowing how to make ice with some fertilizer. Or knowing how to fix your own car or radio. Knowing the basics so that you can rely on yourself instead of a specially trained mechanic. There's honestly no harm in being prepared.

There are quite a few websites that I've run across that gives detailed survival guide tips like this blog as well as more detailed survival packing and preparedness like this site. It might be good to put a little thought into creating something like this in case of any type of disaster, natural or otherwise.

Also if you are like me and have seen the show or watch it and become interested in it, there is a fan site where you can be updated with all the latest news about the possible revival of the show as well as community chats about specific episodes on Wednesday nights.

Okay, I'll stop running around like a redneck saying the aliens are coming! Thanks for reading.

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  1. You're right: it's definitely good to be prepared in life. My job sends remiders to have an energency kit. And it's important to know how to be self sufficient and fix things.

    My internet is way too slow for me to able to watch this show ha. But maybe in a year when my rent is less I can catch up!