What Needs to Get Done Will Be Done Day

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why hello Wednesday! I don't know where this week is going to. Does anybody else feel like this week is going by kinda quickly?

I'm back in good ole Virginia. I hopped a train yesterday and so it's back to the normal routine now. The train ride up yesterday wasn't nearly as bad as the one going down to Charleston a couple of weeks ago. I swear that ride going down felt like it took forever. But this time was like the snap of my fingers. I'm sure it helped that I was engulfed in a book pretty much the whole 6.5 hour ride up here. So be on the look-out for a book review soon.

Have I mentioned life has been a non-blog worthy lately?! Yeah, today is a big "what needs to get done will be done today" type of day. I need to go pick up my glasses that have been sitting at the doctors office for going on 3 weeks. I also need to run by David's Bridal and pick up my bridesmaid dress before they snobbishly send it back. Sorry DB but I think that is kind of a silly policy, especially when I call you and tell you that I'm out of town.

In other news, we (and by we, I mean Jake) are starting to get the ball rolling on leasing the apartment this week! I was so sad to have to leave John, but I'm more than excited that we will soon have a place to live together. We'll be like The Three Stooges, kind of. The Three Best Friends?! Yeah, we'll just be happy to be living together.

I promise to write about more interesting things in the future. I think this time away has affected my brains ability to come up with decent blog topics!

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  1. Good luck with the errands. And so exciting about your big move!

  2. This week is flying by! I feel like I haven't been able to get much done at all.