Five Updates on Me

Friday, March 14, 2014

I feel like I haven't really given an update on my life lately. I mean I've shared cool things I've done but nothing just about life in general. So I figured I would do that for y'all today!

1. Monday I got out and went for a run. I've been trying to get at least 2 runs in per week. We've had some beautiful days lately and I definitely go for runs on those days but when we get days in the 40s I tend to shy away from running on those days compared to the 70 degree days we had. Anyway, I'm up to running 28 minutes and I'm averaging about a 10 min/mile pace. I'm very happy with that especially since it got me my fastest 5k to date! Done and Done.

2. I had a job interview this past week. I'm so excited because it went so well. Unfortunately they didn't have an open position at this time but are in desperate need of extra help so fingers crossed they can open up a position for me!

3. We finally had weather near the 80s only to be spoiled with colder and rainy days for the rest of the week. But you better believe that I got my butt outside and sat out in the sun for a few hours even if it did result in a bit of sunburn!

4. Okay so this one is a little embarrassing and exciting all at the same time. It has been months since I've put any serious effort into my eyebrows. Yes, embarrassing, I know. BUT, this week I went and had them threaded. And now they just look fabulous! I'm so excited. I love when my eyebrows are shaped and look so great.

5. Finally, today I am going back to my Alma Mater to help with the Alpha Chi Sigma initiation with my best friend! I'm so excited to see her and be back on campus together. This will be the second time we've been back in Farmville together since we graduated. Plus to hang out with a bunch of AXE brothers makes it so much better (even though we don't know that many people anymore), I'm so excited!

Throwback to the morning before I was initiated. Ah, such good memories.

Linking up with Five on Friday! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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  1. I hope they can get a position open for you!!

  2. Good luck on the job front! Your eyebrows look great! I got mine threaded for the first time when I was visiting home and I wish there was a place here that I could go to regularly.