Must-Watch TV Shows this Spring!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

When I watch TV, I can usually tell just by commercials/previews if a TV show will be something I am interested in. In the past few weeks I had been seeing quite a few previews for two (in my opinion) must-watch shows! Resurrection and Believe aired this past week and were just as good as the previews made them out to be.

Oh, this show. It looks like it is going to be GOOD! It starts out by showing a little boy who wakes up in China. As the show goes along you find out that he died 32 years ago and has somehow been brought back to life. Other characters in the show have lost loved ones and now their lives are being turned upside down by the resurrection of their deceased family members.

This show is definitely on "this could never happen" side about the dead just showing up again, but I think it is so nice because it makes you wonder what if it could happen. It is really compelling. During the previews for the whole season it sounded so good I just can't wait to find out what happens next! (Trailer for Resurrection)

The previews for this show really made me want to watch this. It involves a girl with this unbelievable gift and a man who was broken out of prison with the task of protecting her from the people who want to use her for evil. This is an unlikely duo as the man does not like children and the girl is gifted in many ways including wisdom beyond her years. It seems like it will be a huge adventure for both of them as they learn from each other.

Although this show might have started off a little "slow", I think this is one that can go very far and have many plot twists! I can't wait to keep watching to see where they are led next. (Trailer for Believe)

Have you found any must-watch shows that are coming on?

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  1. I am on the fence about watching Resurrection...I'm just not sure I could watch it.

  2. Resurrection sounds really interesting! I don't have cable though so I'll have to live vicariously through you ha :-P

  3. I love the sound of Resurrection! I'm wary of new shows though because I'm dedicated to a few others with the hubs already!