My Life as a Closet Blogger

Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm a closet blogger. I blog as a hobby all for my enjoyment. I don't really feel pressured to write the perfect post; I just try to be myself. But I'm afraid that if I come out of the blogging closet, I will feel all this pressure.

I honestly have this fear that if I tell my real life friends about having a blog they will think I'm weird. Like I have no life, which is somewhat true, but that's not the point. I'm just afraid of the criticism I'll get for sharing my life so publicly on the internet. Though I'm sure that is so far from the truth because they are my friends and accept me as me.

Within the past year I've told John about having a blog and even that was a huge step for me. He didn't really have a comment but always listens when I blabber on about my blog.

I'm sure the one thing he thinks is the most weird about my blogging is how great of friends I become with total strangers. I'm sure all of y'all reading this have some idea especially since I'm assuming you yourself also have a blog.

One night while John and I were on our way back from Mississippi, I was telling him about this post "my blogging friend, Katie" wrote. I've talked to John about Katie before but since I had a roommate in college named Katie, blogging Katie has always been called my blogging friend, Katie. (Which I need to get out of that habit before he starts referring to her as blogging friend Katie). I like having a friendship with Katie because I feel like we understand each other and can talk about all of our life problems and we just get it without having to say too many words. We can be happy together or sad together, we encourage each other all while living at least a thousand miles apart and never seeing each other face to face.

Though I do hope to remedy that one day so I can get an actual picture with my best blogging friend, Katie!

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  1. I've told people I blog (nobody "gets" it), but I won't let them read it. So far no one has found it yet ha. I think I'd be mortified if my friends who don't blog read it.

  2. 1) I looove your new design. So cute. 2) I love this post. It makes me feel so special. 3) sorry I have sort of sucked as a blogging friend lately, I need to work on it...

  3. Some of my family knows I have a blog but not many of my rights and I am okay with that.

  4. I let everyone know that I have one but I don't make it a point to link every blog post on my Facebook and I don't talk about it unless someone else brings it up. Just when I think none of my family or friends read my blog, they'll send me a private message asking about a recent blog post. It's kind of cool when they do.