The Final Salute

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunday was a sad day in the world on TV drama. Some of y'all might criticize me for this, but I was very sad to see Army Wives come to an end.

After watching 7 seasons over 5 years, I feel like the characters were friends, somebody I got to catch up with every week. I had a feeling that the show would end after the 7th season. Though the sadness didn't actually hit until I watched The Final Salute on Sunday. It was like saying see you later, except for good.

I can't even remember the amount of times I had to laugh at Roxy because of her wonderfully funny sayings. She is honestly somebody I would love to have been friends with in real life. She was so real and spunky and didn't take crap from anybody.

On Sunday, they described Denise (and Frank) as being the perfect old fashion couple. Maybe that's one reason I loved her so much. I thought she had such grace and poise. Honestly, in a large sense, she is a role model for me.

And I couldn't forget Claudia Joy and Michael. They were honestly the best couple. Their relationship is what I strive to have my relationship be like. Both Claudia Joy and Michael were strong yet supportive spouses and loved each other through any situation.

I will miss my weekly catch up with Army Wives.

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  1. I loved the earlier seasons of the show and then I just got bored.

  2. I felt very sad when That 70s Show ended. I felt like they were friends of mine ha.

  3. Totally understand you on this one. I loved the show as it was so similar to what we experience as military so in real life.

  4. I was so sad too...It was cheesy, but I really liked it, and it wasn't horribly incorrect either. There were some things that were annoying and definitely not right, but I could see past it haha