Three Years to Degree

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

School has always been very important to me. I never could have imagined my life without going to college. But I know for some people, after graduating high school, college just isn't something they want to think about. John was one of those people.

John's dream was always to graduate high school and go into the Air Force. That's just something he always wanted to do. His parents ultimately talked him into going to a community college. He stayed in school for about 3 semesters and knew it just wasn't for him.

After being in the Air Force and having his dream come true, he's started looking more into the future. Almost since we've been together he's been talking about going back to school and I could not be more happy. Since he started mentioning college I've tried to be very supportive and encourage him to go back to school.

Finally he is enrolled in classes and started his first class, an English class, on Monday. I expect he'll be writing a lot of papers and possibly be reading a lot. I suppose we'll see how this course load goes. Since he already has some college classes under his belt as well as college credit for classes taken in the Air Force we expect that he is approximately a fourth of the way to a college degree. Three more years until we can see John in this lovely apparel!

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  1. My husband is in the same boat as John. School isn't his thing, but he's finally taking a class this month...if they can get enough people to sign up. Tell John good luck!

  2. Congrats to him for enrolling in a class! I am sure the workload will be just fine!! Good luck to him and you guys :)

  3. Good for him for going back! It is so hard sometimes but having a great support system makes it a little easier!