Birthday Boy Saint Bo

Friday, April 25, 2014

Have you ever had a special day coming up and you totally forgot it?! I had that happen this month. Let me rewind a little and explain what I mean.

Me, Bo and Christy

Christy was my dog I got for Christmas in 2007 (hence her name being Christy). We had been wanting to breed Shelties for a little bit so when she turned 2 we figured it was a good time.**

Bo is Christy's first puppy, born April 11, 2009. She had 5 actually. They mostly all got named from the Dukes of Hazzard. Bo, Luke, Daisy, Jesse and then the fifth little puppy was a girl and I didn't know of any other girl DoH names so she got named Hot Lips (like from MASH) but was later changed to Lady. Much more appropriate I think.

Daisy, Bo, Jesse, Lady and Luke

One by one the puppies got taken to wonderful caring homes. For some reason nobody wanted Bo. He was the most laid back puppy out of all of them. He loved to be held unlike all the others. I didn't understand why nobody wanted him. He was so sweet.

When Bo was a puppy, he looked so much like a little Saint Bernard. Although I don't see it much now, I thought he did when he was first born. So his official AKC name is Saint Bo. But he's just Bo or BoBo to us.

While I was at the beach I remembered Bo was born in April but I had no clue what day. I knew I was home from college, but I couldn't remember what weekend. Bad puppy Mama! When I got back from the beach, I knew I had to look up his birthday. April 11th and I missed it. I can't believe I did that.

Happy {2 weeks late} birthday Saint Bo. I'm sure you didn't care I missed it, you just enjoy all the lovings you get.

**I know many people like to rescue dogs but my family really wanted to have the experience of bringing cute little Sheltie puppies into the world

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  1. Awww Happy Birthday!!! :) So precious.

  2. Aw! Well at least he didnt notice! Happy Birthday Bo!

    Love Always,