Boys Behind the Blog

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I had really wanted John to participate in the Boys Behind the Blog posts today. I was anxious to see his answers but things were really busy with him. So instead this post is turning into the really supportive post about John because he takes the test for Staff Sergeant today.

He has been studying for quite a while and we are both praying that he can make it his first try. It would be such a blessing if he can pass this time. Even though it will be about a year for him to sew on since he's a "baby tester". I'm so excited for him though. I really hope he can just focus and do very well.

Please keep him in your thoughts that he does well today.

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  1. Good luck to John today, Ashley! I'll be sending positive vibes!

  2. I hope all went well today! I am sure he did great! :)


  3. Good luck to him! Let us know how it goes!

    Love Always,