Dreaming of a Cruise

Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm so happy that warm weather is finally here. This past winter I couldn't wait for the warm weather to arrive. I kept reading about people going on cruises. I got a little jealous. They were escaping this cold weather. As I sat and daydreamed about how fun a cruise must be, I might have, possibly, just a little complained to John how I really wanted to go on one.

So as I was daydreaming of going on a cruise, he must have actually listened. Remember the Valentine's day gift we were waiting to exchange until we saw each other?! Well my gift was a cruise. Talk about one excited girl. We haven't set it quite yet, but it will be late summer/early fall when we go. We will most likely be going to the Bahamas.

No longer will this chick be dreaming of going on a cruise. I can actually start planning it!

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  1. How awesome!!!! I have always wanted to go on a cruise but with Kyle's schedule it never seems to be the right time.

  2. So jealous! I've wanted to go to the Bahamas for ages!!!! LOL. And not to mention on a cruise. That will be so fun for you two!

  3. Yayyy! What a great gift! You're gonna have so much fun :)

  4. Cruises are SO much fun! I'm excited for you!