Intentionally Working on Them

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I've been playing big time catch up on reading blogs after getting back from Charleston. Luckily I think I am almost all the way caught up with reading blogs. Now if only I could get my own blog caught up. My calendar for this week was looking pretty bare until last night.

As I was reading through blogs, I saw how Katie was doing sub-goals for this month to help with her big New Year goals. You should go see what hers are because she inspired me to revisit my New Year goals and make sure I'm working on them.

I think because most of my New Years goals were things that I've been interested in, I've been inadvertently working on them. But this month I'd like to keep them more towards the front of my mind and intentionally work on them.

I really want this month to be a good one! Better attitude, better physically, better me!

Are you still working on your New Years goals?

PS how many people got April Fools day pranks or pranked somebody else yesterday?! Luckily I didn't participate in anyway. Thank goodness because I'm so gullible.

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  1. I didn't actually make any real goals for New Years, but I'm consistently working on getting fitter. I love that you're still working on them, girl!

  2. I think they are great goals! I didn't really have any new years goal.

  3. I really lile the idea of having sub-goals to help you achieve big goals. That is a great idea of Katie's!