Let's Try This Again

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Can somebody please tell me where this month went?! I feel like it has just flown by. I can't believe tomorrow is May already.

So I wanted to revisit my April goals. I have to say I'm a little disappointed in myself. I thought I would do much better.

1. Interval training 3x a week. Oh gosh this was bad. I think I did interval training the first week and then I pulled a muscle in my leg and pretty much all running went out the window then. I kept walking and did a pretty good amount of that, but running and especially interval training was just bad!

2. Finish 2 books. This one was okay. Not bad but I didn't quite complete it. I did read Room which I will be reviewing shortly and I also read about half of The River of No Return which I'm pretty sure I'll also be reviewing maybe in June?! But this was definitely one of the goals I did better at.

3. Drink 1500mL of water each day. Another bad, bad attempt at the goal. I totaled up my water drinking for the month... it was 12,508mL, which if we made that into a percent would be about 28%. Fail.

4. Enjoy the weather.  I tried to enjoy the weather as much as possible, but a few days when it was nice and pretty I sat inside to read or just did things inside rather than being outside. I could have leaned this one more towards green, but I just felt I didn't take advantage of the nice weather as much as I could have.

So I'm going to try again for May. Most of my goals are very similar, but I want to try to do better this month. So here they are.

1. Drink 1000mL of water each day. Maybe I'll be better at 1000 mL
2. Run 50 miles this month. I'll talk more about this later tomorrow.
3. Find something happy in each day.
4. Read 2 books this month. I'm starting to read more with one of my best friends, we've kinda made our own book club, so I think I can read 2 this month.
5. Use MyFitnessPal everyday. I really want to see a difference in my health and fitness this month and I think if I stay strict to using the app I'll do better with my health goals.

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  1. This year is flying by like crazy! I can't believe it.

  2. Great goals! Totally achievable I do believe!

  3. Good luck with your May goals! And remember that it's okay not to always reach your goals... the important thing is setting them and trying to accomplish them! :)