Couldn't Like It Anymore if I Tried

Friday, May 30, 2014

Today I had originally planned to talked about weight loss. But right at the moment, me and weight loss aren't on the same page. I hope that we will be meet up real soon. But until then I'll update you on me.

I have been reading this awesome book I just happened upon. The Lincoln Lawyer, it was on my local libraries available page. I knew it was a movie, but I'd never seen it. My logic was that because it starred Mathew McConaughey it must be good. Flawed logic?! Maybe But my hunch was right. This book is awesome! I'll have to tell y'all more about it once I finish it!

Apparently I'm all about entertainment because I also want to share with y'all a neat TV show I've been watching on Netflix. It's called Leverage. If you liked the movies Oceans 11,12 and 12  with Brad Pitt, George Clooney and others, you will most likely love Leverage. The main characters are basically like modern day Robin Hoods. They are thieves, computer geeks and crooks with a change of heart just trying to serve up justice with their un-traditional methods. Plus they reference Dukes of Hazard in one of the first episodes. I couldn't like it any more if I tried.

Well this weekend is going to be a busy one! I hope y'all have an awesome weekend as well.

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Woohoo Goals!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

May is closing up shop and starting to wind down. I can't exactly say where has the month gone because in some ways it's felt very long, but in others I feel like the month just began.

In any case, as we are at the end of the month, I want to go over how I did with May goals.

1. Drink 1000mL of water each day. I did so much better this month than last month. I still didn't get exactly 1000 each day but my daily average was around 700 mL. I'm going to still work on this goal.

2. Run 50 miles in May. Nope, no way. I think I may have run 10 miles. I gave up on running a bit and instead started Insanity again towards the end of the month. I thought it might be hard to find a time to run when I started working and being able to do a home workout was much easier on me.

3. Find happiness in each day. I didn't actually think about this each and every day but I did have quite a few happy things happen to me. So I'm going with a yellow on this one.

4. Read 2 books. I actually read 3 books this month. The River of No Return (which I've written a review that will be published in June), Letters from a Stranger and Letters from Skye. They were all pretty good books.

5. Use MyFitnessPal everyday. I had very good intentions with this and I think I used it for a majority of the month but I did break my streak of logging in each day.

So with those being stated, here are my goals for June!

1. Drink 1000mL of water each day
2. Lose 4lbs or a total of 3 inches
3. Read 2 books
4. Save $300 this month

I think if I actually work on these goals I can definitely reach them!

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So I Made a Mistake, Learned From it, and Got a Little Anxious...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The best mistake I ever made… was probably how I handled telling my parents about the engagement with John. Though I don't know how I could have handled it any better.  

From this mistake, I learned… it is better to get everything out in the open. Tell people how you feel. I also learned that you can't make everybody happy but you can make yourself happy and that's what you have to focus on.

When I’m anxious, I tell myself… I will make it through this perfectly fine. I'm not exactly sure what I tell myself, but that's what I try to think at least.

All I really want to do is… move down to Charleston with John and get married. I feel like I'm playing this waiting game for a very silly reason and really, I just want to be with him and be happy.

Linking up with Nicole and the gang for Finish This.

I just realized that I didn't really tell about the sadness that came along with my engagement. It's been over a year since it's happened and I suppose I can share it with all my readers now. So stay tuned in the next week for that update!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Normally I have my monthly favorite the last Monday of every month, but I didn't want to take over Memorial day to share my thoughts on this months favorite.

I was selected to receive the Venus Snap VoxBox from Influenster. I can't tell y'all how excited I was to get this. Literally the whole week before I got the e-mail saying that I would be getting it in the mail I complained about my current razor. It just kept leaving hairs behind. I'm not sure what's wrong with it. But worry with it no more because I have this oh so cute, wonderful razor the Snap!

First of all how cute is this little thing?! I mean really, who could not love it. And I know the looks doesn't make it a good product, but in this case, the looks certainly only add to it's appeal.

Okay, so I'll stop gabbing on and on about the looks and dig into what's really important. The usage! This little booger is smooth! Let me tell you. It glides right over my legs and leaves them as smooth as a baby's bottom. I was expecting to feel a little tugging like with my previous razors because let's face it, I generally shave my legs once a week. Yes, I'm slightly ashamed of this fact, but when I'm not actually with John or wearing shorts, I don't really care.

So feel smooth as I'm shaving is a great plus. But the Venus Snap also left my legs smooth once I got out of the shower. No missed hairs. That is the second plus. The one thing I hate more than anything else is when I get out of the shower after nearly standing on my head to shave my legs only to discover the razor didn't get all the hairs when I am most certain I went over that spot.

Other things I want to mention about the Snap... it is perfect for travel. I took it camping with me when I first got it. It fit nicely into my bag and I didn't have to worry about accidentally getting my finger on an open razor blade. And while it is perfect for travel because it is small and comes in a nice case, it does take some getting used to. The first two times I used it, I had to figure out the best way to grip it. But after I found what I was comfortable with, everything was just peachy!

I'm so in love! A huge thanks to Influenster and Gillette for sending me the Venus Snap. All opinions are my own.

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Memorial Day

Monday, May 26, 2014

I don't think anything I can say will do this great memorial holiday justice. It is such a special holiday to remember all those brave men and women who have given everything to our country. 

While I might be having a cook-out and celebrating the beginning of the summer, I will definitely be saying a prayer for all those families that have lost loved ones for our country. 

May Y'all have a blessed Memorial Day.

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Sincerely, Me

Friday, May 23, 2014

Dear American Honey readers,

I do believe that there is a link up somewhere in the blog world called Friday letters. If I am mistaken, please forgive me because this Friday I will be writing about my day yesterday though letters. I recently finished the novel Letters From Skye where the whole story is told through letters. I can't help but re-falling in love with the putting your thoughts onto a page (or screen in this case) for others to read.

Author of this Small Blog

Dear Eyeliner I've had Forever,

I know that I had nearly run out of you. I was putting off buying more. I wanted to use you all up and not have any waste. But today you forced me to need to buy more! How dare you break off so you are no longer usable! I did not let this ruin my day though! I guess you had a good life and it was time to say goodbye.

New Eyeliner Purchaser

Dear Favorite Manager at Michaels,

Thank you for taking time out of the busy inventory schedule to help me get my username for the store system yesterday! I was very worried that I had fallen behind in my duty as an employee because I had yet to get my username and document all of the important new employee stuff. You are always so friendly and make me feel at ease even when I'm literally shaking in my shoes! Thanks for being an awesome manager!

Eager New Employee

Dear Becca,

You didn't know this but I was worried I might have to work during your Bridal Shower. Luckily I have the day off! Can't wait!

Best Friend and Bridesmaid

Dear Jessica Brockmole,

Thank you for writing Letters From Skye. Your book is such a wonderful masterpiece. A love story like none other that I've read. It is an inspiration, love can bloom anywhere. It can span any time. I was touched. I didn't want the book to end.

A Fan

Dear National Weather Service,

Thank you for sending out text message alerts to severe weather in the area. Without having received that alarming notification, I would have had no clue that there was the possibility of a tornado in my area until the golf ball sized hail and twirling winds hit. I'm glad it was not as severe as you predicted, but I'm still glad for your warning.

Storm Survivor

My Love,

I have been missing you since I left to come back home. I am so grateful to have you. Your calm voice, your words of encouragement, you make such a difference in my life even if you are unaware. I don't know what I would do without you. You keep me sane; you keep me dreaming; you let me know I'm loved. No matter how much distance is between us I will always hold your heart, and you will have mine.


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Time to be Two Before There is Three

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yesterday was my wonderful annual visit to the female doctor. I was just so excited to go! sarcasm! But really I needed to go since it has been a year and five months since I've been checked out.

I went to a new doctor that is closer to my house. I loved her. She was so friendly and made me feel a little more comfortable than my previous doctor. Anyway, moving on to the point.

John and I have had many talks about our little family we want to start. I do believe that John has baby fever more than I do. But we both know that right now isn't the time to raise a little one. We want to be married and have a little bit of time to be two before there is three.

I've been on a few different types of birth control pills over the past four years. I never really had a problem with them. I would have been okay with continuing to use them, but my friend, Colleen, told me about a birth control she started last year called Nexplanon. It is a small implant about the size of a match stick that goes in the inner side of your upper arm that lasts for three years.

I had considered this option for about a year. After considering it by myself, I brought it up to John. Of course he was okay with it, but he thought it was nice because by the time it needed to be removed, we should be about ready to have a family of our own. And if not, I can have another one put in at that time.

From what my doctor was saying, I am an ideal person to receive this birth control type. I have an appropriate body size and everything should go smoothly with the insertion. I now have to consult with my insurance to make sure they will pay for it! Hoping they will and I won't have to worry with a birth control pill each day and worrying about if I missed one!

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Top 5 Things I Learned

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

...on my first day of work. Yes, I officially had my first hours at Michael's yesterday. It was quite an experience.

First day of work Selfie! I couldn't help myself.

1. My legs shake when I'm nervous. Yes, as I was learning all about the cash register and learning how to operate it, my legs were shaking. Weird?! Yes!

2. 3XL vests are HUGE! All the vest Michael's had available were sizes 3XL and larger. I was swimming in it, but I made it through the day.

3. Being a cashier isn't as bad as I expected. When I stepped up to the cash register, as I started to ring up my first few customers, I really disliked it. I couldn't wait for it to be over. But as I got more comfortable I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought.

4. Those big plastic bags are hard to open! I've never had such a hard time in my life trying to open those big Michael's bad to put larger stuff in. Finally a customer told me to try blowing on the edges. What do you know?! It worked.

5. I shouldn't be afraid to talk into the headset. Michael's employees wear headsets to communicate with each other for various reasons. I was a little afraid to start using it. But everybody is friendly.

I'm sure I'll learn new things each day I walk into the store. At least my first day was a pretty good one.

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Refreshing Weekend

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Here it is, another week! I'm feeling so much more refreshed this week. I had a little weekend getaway, hence the lack of posting on Friday and yesterday!

So my weekend getaway was down to Charleston, obviously. Where else would I want to go?! My friend Lisa and I went down on Friday afternoon. Talk about one long trip, I couldn't wait to get there and be in John's arms!

There are so many little things that made this weekend great. I don't want to bore y'all with the small stuff, but I feel like I should explain some! So here it goes. Bare with me if it gets boring. I promise I will try not to be so mushy and lovey-dovey!

When Lisa and I got to Charleston, her boyfriend Clint aka one of John's friends was still at work. We waited around for a little bit but eventually went for midnight breakfast at Waffle House. How much better can waffles at 12:30 am get?! John wanted to play the jukebox while we waited for Clint and Lisa to get the restaurant. His first song was Carolina by Parmalee. That is one of my favorite songs and just reminds me of John and I. He usually sings it to me in the car. It was one of those moments that makes me fall just a little more for him.

Saturday a whole group of us were going camping. Clint had made reservations for Short Stay, a military campground a few miles outside of Charleston. John had wanted to leave around 11 on Saturday so we could get there and get set up and have most of the day to relax and do whatever we wanted. Well that was the plan at least. 11 rolled around and nobody had gotten there. I started checking on them to see where they were. In the mean time, John and I had been watching New Girl. As I was frantically texting everybody John... well he was sawing some zzz's.

Eventually we got there and got all set up. John and I relaxed in his hammock; it was so nice to just be able to lay in his arms and look up at the sky. Though it was short lived as he got up to go tend to the grill and cook us dinner. I have a grill master on my hands. Not that I'm complaining. After dinner we played games and made s'mores. I love just sitting around the campfire with friends having a good time.

Sunday John and all the guys went fishing while us girls went to the beach. It wasn't a great day for the beach. It got cloudy and looked like it was going to rain, but we sat out there and talked. Lisa and I already know pretty much everything there is to know about each other, but we became friends with Aranza, one of John's co-workers who is also dating one of John's friends.

After packing up all of the camping stuff, Aranza and I made plans for a double date dinner. It was a nice dinner at Jim n Nicks. I got to know her a little more and John and Micah got to talk all about their fishing/kayaking adventures and how they now want to get kayaks so they can go out whenever they wanted.

After dinner John and I sat up and talked a little about everything. It sounds so boring but it was honestly one of my favorite parts of the weekend, minus the back massage John gave me. I had such a great weekend and I now feel refreshed and ready for this week. Good thing to since today is my first official day of work!

I promise the rest of the week won't be as boring!

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The Last One EVER!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm a little sad this is the last Boys Behind the Blog link up. John, not quite as sad as I am, he won't have me pestering him with such weird questions each month. So here's the last month of John's answers to all my random weird questions...

PS John, those random weird questions won't stop, I just won't publish them onto my blog...

1. What was your first job? 
Working at the local grocery store.
2. What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?
Proposing to Ashley was one of the riskiest things I've ever done.
So true! The day was so wonderful but there was so much risk involved especially with my parents! 
3. What is one thing you can't live without?
I don't think I could live without my family.
I'm included in the family! I made sure to clarify that. :)

4. What is your least favorite food?
Big YES! to that one.

5. If you could time travel, where/when would you go? 
I would go back to the 50s. I think it would be a good time to visit.
I completely agree with him there! I wish I could have been a young wife in the 50s!

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Growing Pains - A Bloggers Voice

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Recently I've had trouble blogging. I really love coming here to write and express myself all while connecting with some really great people, but it's been difficult. I really want to continue writing and keeping my blog going. It's just that getting the words out of my head and on to the screen in an eloquent manor seems to elude me.

I notice that I sometimes have trouble remembering who I am writing for. I often feel this need to satisfy my readers. I get caught up between writing for me and writing for y'all to read. I want to write these thought-provoking pieces and sometimes that is me. But most of the time I'm a very simple person. I curl up on the couch and read a book or watch my favorite TV shows. Boring to read about? Yes, but I enjoy doing it.

I enjoy writing though, so I usually try to write five posts a week. I write about my life and things that interest me. But sometimes I yearn to touch more people. Get them to come to my blog and read my point of view on life, small as it may be. This is where my trouble begins. All of a sudden, I'm thinking about writing about what people want to hear versus what I enjoy and BAM! I just simply can't write.

I can't tell you how many times in the past week and a half that I've just stared at the blank post screen trying to come up with that first sentence. Typing away, only to erase it and try again.

After the first few days of muddling though writing a post, I thought I might get some help. Hello Pinterest, because what did I do for blogging tips before Pinterest?! I found a few sites that touch on the topic of blog writing. One of the biggest take home messages I got from reading them was a bloggers voice.

A bloggers voice is who they are to the friends they've never met face to face. Those words on their screen are how they get to know me. Scary thought right there. What is my blogging voice? This is where I get stuck. I'm doing the best to be me, find my blogging voice, but the more I try to listen to that voice in my head the softer the sound is.

I would like to think of this as growing pains. I grow a little, find my voice and get comfortable again. I would also like to think that other bloggers have gone through this as well. But it is quite possible that I'm alone out in left field trying to listen to the voices in my head! (No, I don't really have voices in my head for the record)

Let me know if y'all have gone through what I'm feeling now!

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Give it 50 Pages - Room

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Room by Emma Donoghue is one of those books where reading the back cover or inside flap might turn you away, but really... give it 50 pages.

Author: Emma Donoghue
Rating: 4 stars
Picture: Goodreads

Jack has just celebrated his fifth birthday. He and Ma even ate cake to celebrate. Most days are spent doing chores, watching all the different planets on TV and playing with Ma in Room. To Jack the whole world consists of Room. But to Ma it is her place of captivity; kidnapped by Old Nick and trying to think of a way to escape.

As the days pass, Ma knows that Room is no longer big enough for both her and Jack. She devises a plan for the Great Escape to Outside, to a world that Jack has never even imagined.

This was not a book I had originally wanted to read. I went to the library with my friend Colleen (since we are trying to get our 2-person book club going again) to pick out some books. After reading the inside cover, I said I would give it a try, fully thinking I would put it down after 50 pages.

To my great surprise, I was hooked after those 50 pages. I had all these questions about Jack and Ma running through my head. Would they escape? Could they get past Old Nick? If they did escape would they know where to go to find help? It was such a thrill reading it.

Unfortunately while the second half of the book was still interesting, I didn't find it quite as page turning. It was captivating to read about Jack and Ma and how their lives had been changed, but I suppose I'm more of a thriller junkie.

One thing I did find quite tedious about the book was the repetitive nature. I feel like it could have been a little shorter. I suppose Donoghue was trying to allow her audience to understand the repetitive and almost OCD nature of Jack and his mom while in Room.

Overall, I would definitely give this book a try. At least give it the first 50 pages before you decided to write it off. It is well worth your time.

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A Mother's Day Weekend to be Remembered!

Monday, May 12, 2014

This weekend has been a very exciting yet tiring one! Somehow those two always seem to go together. Have you ever noticed that?! Anyway, it sure want an interesting weekend to say the least!

My family always goes out to eat on Fridays. On the way home from eating dinner, we stopped at my aunts house to drop something off. As Mom and I were sitting in the truck, she told me the seat in the truck was giving her back pains. We switched seats thinking that would alleviate the pain. After we got back on the road Mom demanded that we pull over because she was going to be sick.

When we got home, she spent an hour on the couch with warmed cherry pits on her back. She was so nauseous. I felt so bad but I didn't know what to do. About an hour and a half later the pain was only getting worse so she decided she needed to go to the doctor. Mind you, this was nearly 9 at night.

Dad and I got her loaded up in the truck and we headed towards the hospital. After getting near the interstate (in the direction of the hospital), Dad decided that he should go to the fire station so they could do tests on the way to the hospital. When we got there, they rushed her to the ambulance and told us to go to the hospital.

I was fear struck. What could possibly be wrong with her? Everybody was worried she was having a heart attack. Luckily when she got to the hospital they did tests and found out it was a kidney stone. Finally at 3 am Saturday morning she was released from the ER. I wasn't expecting to spend my evening that way, but I was so relieved that she wasn't in any serious danger.

Yesterday we went to my grandmother's house for Mother's day. It was such a nice day and we were all happy Mom wasn't in too much pain. This Mother's day will sure be one that we always remember!


I hope all the mothers also had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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Spruced Up About Me

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I have known for a little while now that I needed to update my About Me page. Not that it was super out of date, it just needed a little sprucing up.

I put it off for about a month and finally I sat down and took the time to update it. I tried to think what would best describe me and let people feel like they are really getting to know me. After few hours of work, it is proudly published.

Let's take a look and see the difference, shall we?!

The Old

The New

Obviously that isn't all of the new profile but I think it is looking a little more sophisticated these days. Head on over to my About Me page to check out the whole update!

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Happenings Lately

Friday, May 9, 2014

So many interesting things have been happening to me lately. Since I posted about thanking God, I've been trying very hard to do that every day, even if it's just for providing me with meals each day and a safe place to live. I honestly have so many things to thank Him for now.

-one- I went to the beach with Colleen yesterday. Need I really say more on this one? I spent the day relaxing on the beach, reading my book and perfecting my tan. And by perfecting my tan I mean that I tanned from my knees to my hips, got no sun from my knees down and burnt from my waist up. But it was a good day!

-two- I signed up for the Biggest Loser Challenge which began Monday. I won't have an official weigh in until next Monday so I don't know how well I'm doing yet, but I feel like this may be the mental/supportive push I need to continually losing weight down to my ultimate goal! 17 pounds to go until my ultimate goal!

-three- I received a call Monday afternoon from my local Michael's asking if I was still looking for a job. They were interviewing and would like to bring me in. I went in for my interview on Tuesday and it went amazing! While interviewing, the manager told me the next steps (background check, ect) and after that she would call with an offer! I officially start Monday! I'm so excited!!!

-four- I had been wanting to become an online tutor for a while but had been very nervous about trying it. Finally last week I took the Algebra subject test and passed it! After reviewing tutoring guidelines and protocol for the online tutoring website all weekend, I finally had my mock tutoring session Wednesday. I didn't do very well in the mock session, but I'm still so thankful to have had the opportunity to interview. Algebra was a very long time ago!

-five- Yesterday as I was coming back from the beach, I got a call about an application that I put in for a shoe store in Charleston. They want me to come in for an interview. Anybody heard that things happen in 3's?! I'm so thankful to be getting called about interviews but this makes life confusing!

-bonus- I'm so happy that Chelsea at Anchors Aweigh posted her Fudgy Black Bean Brownies because we are trying them out for my families Mother's Day get together!

-bonus 2- Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all the wonderful spouses out there! 

Somewhere Over the Camo

I'm so glad that things are starting to pick up! I've been in a great mood all week!

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I Feel...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

like this is a tougher Finish this than normal. Maybe that was just me.

I feel an adrenaline rush when… I'm about to see John for the first time after weeks of not seeing him. It is literally the best feeling in the world, butterflies and all.

I feel energized when… I get back from a run and I know that I pushed myself hard and accomplished something.

I feel small when… I think about how I haven't really accomplished anything from my life/schooling.

I feel big when… I'm hanging out with my friends and I feel complete again.
Thanks for the photo Jess!

I feel indestructible when… I'm with John?! I know I always feel better being around him than anybody else. 

I feel stupid when… I realize that I have yet to find a job in my career field

I feel smart when… I finish reading a book and I analyze it with my friend, Colleen (she's pictured above-- she's pretty amazing).

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Don't Forget Your Thank You!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

One day last week a friend was telling me about one of those e-mails that gets sent around to tons of people. I mostly call them junk mail, but this particular email left quite an impression on me.

I wish I had the actual e-mail to show y'all but it got deleted. So here's my best rendition of it:

The story took place up in Heaven with a "tour guide" angel showing a man around. In one room angels were busy at work. The man asked what they were doing. The tour guide simply answered that the angels in this room were helping God with all of the prayer request that come in. After leaving the very busy room, the duo went to a few other rooms. Finally they came to a room where angels were sitting about. Puzzled, the man questioned why these angels were sitting around not doing anything when the other rooms obviously needed so much help. The tour guide replied that these angels were actually waiting to be needed in their job -- receiving the thank-yous that come back after God had answered prayers.

After hearing her tell the story of this e-mail, I considered how many time I pray to God for help or guidance versus how many times I thank Him for all that I have. Unfortunately the latter is very small. It is so easy to get wrapped up in life and my own needs that I forget to be grateful for all that I have and all that He has helped me to accomplish.

I am always looking toward the future and what I want out of it, where I am expecting my life to go. I find it hard to let go and let God guide me and remember to thank Him along the way. But since hearing about it I am trying my best to thank Him every day for all the blessings in my life, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem.

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Back Before Everything Became... Automatic

Monday, May 5, 2014

Recently I've been thinking a lot about my high school English teacher, Ms. Mix. She was a pretty awesome English teacher. She helped me to disliked English class a little less. Her class was fun though because she loved to use mixed media in order to convey her classroom messages.

One of our homework assignments was to listen to Sympathy For the Devil by The Rolling Stones and analyze it. Have you ever really listened to the song?! It's very interesting when you stop to think about it.

Anyway, thanks to Ms. Mix I have taken that with me whenever I listen to a song. Okay, so maybe I don't analyze songs that much, but I do really like to stop and listen to them more than face value. Automatic by Miranda Lambert is one of those songs.

Although I don't have the authority or necessarily agree that everything was better back when we weren't completely automatic and instantaneous, I do believe that she has it right that things have so much more meaning when you put time into them. Having a hand-written note means so much more than just getting a text message. And getting a new Easter dress each year, it just felt so special to dress up in your Sunday best.

This song makes me nostalgic for a time period I didn't even live in. Sometimes I really wish I could step back in time and see if things are as great as my imagination makes them out to be.

PS If you like the music I listen to you might want to hop over to Elizabeth's blog Closer Than Yesterday because my guest post was published on Saturday about my Top Road Trip Songs.

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Cheers to Three Years!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Earlier this week I asked John about an anniversary coming up. I knew soon he would be celebrating his three year mark in the Air Force. I couldn't remember if it was May 1st or the 3rd. So I just asked him the general question... "so there's an anniversary coming?!" Turns out it was the 3rd - tomorrow!

Air Force Ball 2012

I knew he would be very excited about this particular anniversary because it not only marks three years, it also mean getting a raise, moving out of the dorms and beginning to start the most normal life the Air Force has to offer. Although I knew he wouldn't forget this date, I had secretly hoped he would be clueless about what I was talking about and I could impress him with remembering about his anniversary. No such luck, but that's alright.

Couldn't wait to show me his 3rd stripe

But really, I am so happy for him. When we are together and something about the flight line, a favorite Sergeant or the creepy haunted plane comes up you can see his face light up. He then proceeds to talk in what I believe is a foreign language for what seems like an eternity.

I am so proud of him and all that he does. I love being able to support his dreams and encourage him to keep following them... hopefully all the way to officers school. So cheers to three years and here's to the next seventeen!

Flight Line March 2014

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Running in May

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I feel like all I've been talking about this week is fitness. I didn't realize how much I was going to talk about it but that's mostly all I've been doing so I guess it's natural my blog follows. I promise things will slow down on the fitness front next week.

Once I got back on MyFitnessPal, I began looking for some support and trying to find ways to make being active more fun. I happened across a group that was setting running goals for the month of May. They actually do it each month, but you get the picture.

Back in November, I completed the #40milesinNovember challenge. I finished that with no problem. I took walks that I normally wouldn't have and just did fun stuff like that. Well I want to get back into it. My Nike+ account has been gathering the dust these past few weeks.

I know that walking 40 miles will be no problem what-so-ever, so I want to push myself a little. I'm going to try to complete 50 miles this month with only extra walks and runs. I say extra walks and runs because I normally take my dogs for a 1.6 mile walk each day. But because that's my norm, I'm trying to push myself above and beyond that.

If you use Nike+ and want to follow along on how I'm doing, you are more than welcome to add me. I also recently joined Map My Run. I'm not sure how to find friends as well on that yet, but my username is msabish15  As I said at the beginning of this I am always looking for support along my journey.

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