A Mother's Day Weekend to be Remembered!

Monday, May 12, 2014

This weekend has been a very exciting yet tiring one! Somehow those two always seem to go together. Have you ever noticed that?! Anyway, it sure want an interesting weekend to say the least!

My family always goes out to eat on Fridays. On the way home from eating dinner, we stopped at my aunts house to drop something off. As Mom and I were sitting in the truck, she told me the seat in the truck was giving her back pains. We switched seats thinking that would alleviate the pain. After we got back on the road Mom demanded that we pull over because she was going to be sick.

When we got home, she spent an hour on the couch with warmed cherry pits on her back. She was so nauseous. I felt so bad but I didn't know what to do. About an hour and a half later the pain was only getting worse so she decided she needed to go to the doctor. Mind you, this was nearly 9 at night.

Dad and I got her loaded up in the truck and we headed towards the hospital. After getting near the interstate (in the direction of the hospital), Dad decided that he should go to the fire station so they could do tests on the way to the hospital. When we got there, they rushed her to the ambulance and told us to go to the hospital.

I was fear struck. What could possibly be wrong with her? Everybody was worried she was having a heart attack. Luckily when she got to the hospital they did tests and found out it was a kidney stone. Finally at 3 am Saturday morning she was released from the ER. I wasn't expecting to spend my evening that way, but I was so relieved that she wasn't in any serious danger.

Yesterday we went to my grandmother's house for Mother's day. It was such a nice day and we were all happy Mom wasn't in too much pain. This Mother's day will sure be one that we always remember!


I hope all the mothers also had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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  1. Oh goodness! I hope your Mom is feeling 100%!

  2. Oh wow! Hope she feels better and is back to normal soon!!

  3. Yikes, scary! I hope she's doing better now.

  4. I was nervous even reading this! I am so glad she is okay!!! :)

    Love Always,