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Friday, May 9, 2014

So many interesting things have been happening to me lately. Since I posted about thanking God, I've been trying very hard to do that every day, even if it's just for providing me with meals each day and a safe place to live. I honestly have so many things to thank Him for now.

-one- I went to the beach with Colleen yesterday. Need I really say more on this one? I spent the day relaxing on the beach, reading my book and perfecting my tan. And by perfecting my tan I mean that I tanned from my knees to my hips, got no sun from my knees down and burnt from my waist up. But it was a good day!

-two- I signed up for the Biggest Loser Challenge which began Monday. I won't have an official weigh in until next Monday so I don't know how well I'm doing yet, but I feel like this may be the mental/supportive push I need to continually losing weight down to my ultimate goal! 17 pounds to go until my ultimate goal!

-three- I received a call Monday afternoon from my local Michael's asking if I was still looking for a job. They were interviewing and would like to bring me in. I went in for my interview on Tuesday and it went amazing! While interviewing, the manager told me the next steps (background check, ect) and after that she would call with an offer! I officially start Monday! I'm so excited!!!

-four- I had been wanting to become an online tutor for a while but had been very nervous about trying it. Finally last week I took the Algebra subject test and passed it! After reviewing tutoring guidelines and protocol for the online tutoring website all weekend, I finally had my mock tutoring session Wednesday. I didn't do very well in the mock session, but I'm still so thankful to have had the opportunity to interview. Algebra was a very long time ago!

-five- Yesterday as I was coming back from the beach, I got a call about an application that I put in for a shoe store in Charleston. They want me to come in for an interview. Anybody heard that things happen in 3's?! I'm so thankful to be getting called about interviews but this makes life confusing!

-bonus- I'm so happy that Chelsea at Anchors Aweigh posted her Fudgy Black Bean Brownies because we are trying them out for my families Mother's Day get together!

-bonus 2- Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all the wonderful spouses out there! 

Somewhere Over the Camo

I'm so glad that things are starting to pick up! I've been in a great mood all week!

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  1. Congratulations on all of the job offers!!

  2. Congrats on the job offers and Happy Military Spouse Day!!

  3. Happy military spouse appreciation day, and congratulations on the interview! I hope you like the brownies!!


  4. Yay for a job. Awesome.

    Ahh, the beach. I'd love to go there now.

  5. That Mangorita looks amazing, I'll have to try those bad boys! Good luck on your weight loss goal and congrats on the new position at Michael's!

  6. So happy things are looking up for you! And I would love to go to the beach!

    Love Always,