Running in May

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I feel like all I've been talking about this week is fitness. I didn't realize how much I was going to talk about it but that's mostly all I've been doing so I guess it's natural my blog follows. I promise things will slow down on the fitness front next week.

Once I got back on MyFitnessPal, I began looking for some support and trying to find ways to make being active more fun. I happened across a group that was setting running goals for the month of May. They actually do it each month, but you get the picture.

Back in November, I completed the #40milesinNovember challenge. I finished that with no problem. I took walks that I normally wouldn't have and just did fun stuff like that. Well I want to get back into it. My Nike+ account has been gathering the dust these past few weeks.

I know that walking 40 miles will be no problem what-so-ever, so I want to push myself a little. I'm going to try to complete 50 miles this month with only extra walks and runs. I say extra walks and runs because I normally take my dogs for a 1.6 mile walk each day. But because that's my norm, I'm trying to push myself above and beyond that.

If you use Nike+ and want to follow along on how I'm doing, you are more than welcome to add me. I also recently joined Map My Run. I'm not sure how to find friends as well on that yet, but my username is msabish15  As I said at the beginning of this I am always looking for support along my journey.

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  1. Woo hoo! I am ready to get back home and into my running routine. Vacation always throws me off.