Time to be Two Before There is Three

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yesterday was my wonderful annual visit to the female doctor. I was just so excited to go! sarcasm! But really I needed to go since it has been a year and five months since I've been checked out.

I went to a new doctor that is closer to my house. I loved her. She was so friendly and made me feel a little more comfortable than my previous doctor. Anyway, moving on to the point.

John and I have had many talks about our little family we want to start. I do believe that John has baby fever more than I do. But we both know that right now isn't the time to raise a little one. We want to be married and have a little bit of time to be two before there is three.

I've been on a few different types of birth control pills over the past four years. I never really had a problem with them. I would have been okay with continuing to use them, but my friend, Colleen, told me about a birth control she started last year called Nexplanon. It is a small implant about the size of a match stick that goes in the inner side of your upper arm that lasts for three years.

I had considered this option for about a year. After considering it by myself, I brought it up to John. Of course he was okay with it, but he thought it was nice because by the time it needed to be removed, we should be about ready to have a family of our own. And if not, I can have another one put in at that time.

From what my doctor was saying, I am an ideal person to receive this birth control type. I have an appropriate body size and everything should go smoothly with the insertion. I now have to consult with my insurance to make sure they will pay for it! Hoping they will and I won't have to worry with a birth control pill each day and worrying about if I missed one!

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  1. See I would freak out if I had soemthing INSERTED inside me. The thought just freaks me out. So I dont thin those are for me! But I have a friend who has one and she loves it!

    Love Always,

  2. My sister has that and doesn't mind it.