A Pain In the Neck

Monday, June 9, 2014

There are many things that are a pain in the neck, but this time I'm speaking literally. I have been having some major pains in my neck and shoulder area. I think they are coming from standing at the cash register and having to lift my arms to use the screen. I can't really stop lifting my arms to use the screen, so I had to come up with alternatives to help the pains in my neck/shoulder.

The most obvious choice would be to take some ibuprofen, but I'd rather not look like Dr. House and be popping pills like they're candy. Better to look for yet another alternative. Hello Google! After a quick search I found an article about the benefits of heat and cold therapy for muscle pain.

Apparently both are good drug free methods to reduce pain in muscles. But there is a difference when you should use them.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy helps to relax tense muscles by drawing blood to the area. With increased blood flow and circulation to the muscle, any lactic acid buildup can also be reduced. You can use a heating pad, or cream but make sure to not get it too hot to leave your skin bright red.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy works best with muscles sore from inflammation or sports injuries. Using ice to cool the muscle will reduce blood flow to reduce inflammation and swelling. Ice or other cooling methods shouldn't be used for longer than 10 minutes.

After reading about both heat and cold therapy, I believe the heating pad will be my best friend tonight. I hope the next time you have a pain in your neck, you can remember this!

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  1. :( Not fun! I hope the pain goes away soon!