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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I really liked the questions this week, so I couldn't help but linking up again!

 The best compliment I ever received… was probably that I am very smart, a hard-worker or about my smile. I don't usually take compliments very well so I say "thank you" a bunch of times and just smile a lot.
Wearing red lipstick makes me feel… a little self-conscious, but kind of sassy.

The best investment I’ve made… was having leg surgery. During college, I would have pain in my lower right leg while slowly walking around campus. I went to the doctor and after a few months of testing, figured out that they was too much pressure in my leg. So 2 days before my 21st birthday I had a fasciotomy to relieve the pressure in my leg and stop the pain while walking. 

My best childhood memory… is spending time at my grandmothers during the holidays. All my family gets together at her house for nearly every holiday to celebrate and eat. That has always been some of my best memories.

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  1. That red lipstick does look super sassy on you. Love it!!! Also, never heard of that surgery. But I am glad you got it too, because I can imagine that running with it would be almost impossible.

  2. You look good w the red lipstick on! Your lips.. not too sound weird.. are really pretty! So lucky.

  3. You look great in the red lipstick!! Glad they were able to fix your leg up for you!

  4. Okay, Miss Sassy Pants, red lipstick looks GOOD on you!!!!!!! I'm so glad you linked up with us again, be sure to join in the coming weeks (especially June 25) for a special celebratory giveaway. FUN!!!!!!!!!

  5. You look great with red lipstick on!

  6. You look beautiful with that red lipstick on.

    Have a great week!