July Goals

Friday, June 27, 2014

Everybody has their own style of blogging. Personally, I'm a planner (in all aspects of my life), so I try to keep a calendar. I give myself ideas of what I would like to write about on each day but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Yesterday, I just wasn't feeling my plans. Anybody else who plans feel that sometimes? I guess I've just been feeling a little off my game. I wanted to share how my goals went for June and what I wanted to accomplish in July. I always feel like getting it out in the open helps me to feel like I have to be accountable for y'all. But I'm afraid that it is super boring to read.

I want to try to change it up a little for July. I'm going to try to take pictures whenever I'm accomplishing part of my goals. Hopefully that will also make me want to work towards them more and it will give the post a little more life. Win, win.

So July Goals:

1. Plank a day. I tried to start this but life got in the way. I want to try it again.
2. Read 2 state books. I am super excited to add more books to my map
3. Save 40% of my goal on USAA. This sounds like a lot, but as of right now my goal is still kind of low. I don't want to get discouraged.
4. Complete No Spend July. I loved this so much last year I wanted to do it again. I will expand on this Monday!

Can't wait to see how it will turn out!

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  1. Hey I get you completely. I am a planner as well and I do a GREAT job planning things, it's the carrying out of my plans that don't seem to work. I feel as though I spent so much time planning everything I don't want to then spend the time actually doing it - it's a viscous cycle.

    I can't wait to hear about no spend July!

  2. These are great goals! :) Here is to a successful month.