The River of No Return

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"There Is No Return.
There Is No Reutn.
Tell No One.
Uphold the Rules."

The River of No Return
Author: Bee Ridgway
Rating: 5 stars
Picture: Goodreads

At the face of death in 1813, Lord Nicholas Falcott shut his eyes and woke up in a London hospital; the year was 2003. He was greeted by the Guild, a secret society of time travelers which controlled the river of time, the past and ultimately the future. Giving up his title, Lord Falcott becomes Nick Davenant, a Vermont cheese farm owner. Though he longs for his home and a dark eyed girl in 1813.

Back in 1815, Julia Percy, the dark eyed girl, has just lost her grandfather. Along with her family loss, she finds out there were many secrets hidden within her family that she must pretend don't exist. She soon will be held captive by the new earl, her cousin, and need to be rescued.

To Nick, there were only four rules. There is no return. There is no return. Tell no one. Uphold the rules. Those are the rules until the Guild needs Nick to go back to London, 1815 to pick back up his title and help get information on a rival time travel fraternity.

This novel had me at time travel. I have really been liking the idea of time travel and alternate universes aka the TV shows Continuum and Fringe. But this had so much more than just time travel. It was a mystery and a love story all rolled into one.

I couldn't help but fall in love with Nick and Julia. They may have fictionally lived nearly 200 years before me but they seemed so real. Often times characters in a novel just seem like... well book characters. But in The River of No Return the characters actually seem like real people, worried about their reputation and political issues of the time.

I honestly don't have anything bad to say about this novel. Well, except I feel there could be a sequel and to my knowledge there is only a prequel out, The Time Tutor, as of 2014. Which means I will have to wait to find out what happens to my beloved characters. Please Ms. Ridgway write a sequel, I'm dying to know what happens to Nick and Julia.

Honestly I think if you love romance novels and are at all interested in a wee bit of sci-fi-time travel or mystery you'll love this book!

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  1. This seems like something that I would like! Thanks for sharing.