Books, Beach And a Song

Friday, July 25, 2014

In my head I'm the fastest reader in the world. But really, that's not true. I think it will take me two or three days to read a book. But in actuality, it takes me at least a week and that's if nothing else is going on. I get caught up in a TV show or hang out with friends. Reading just isn't always the top thing on my list.

So can somebody please help me explain to myself that there is no need to rent four books from the library to take on a four day trip to the beach?! Yes, I brought four books to the beach with me. Granted, I am half way finished with one, but still. That's three books to read in four days. It's not going to happen.

And even though I know I won't get through all of them this week, I'm very excited to read them. I love taking a book out on the beach with me. I get to listen to the ocean while I'm reading about the snow falling in Minnesota or a fallen angel in Georgia.

Speaking of the beach, I think it's a great time to listen to a little Jake Owen while I'm beachin'.

Beachin' by Jake Owen on Grooveshark

What is left on your reading list for this summer?!

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  1. I have been slacking terribly when it comes to reading. I just can't seem to relax enough to read anything.

  2. I loved Firefly Lane! Enjoy your beach reading!

  3. Kristin Hannah is an AMAZING author! I've read almost everything she has out. You'll love that book!