Budget + Birthday = Budget out window

Monday, July 28, 2014

After almost completing the whole No Spend month, I think it's an okay time to reflect on the whole idea of not spending.

I'm so grateful to Katie from Chalk it up to Better Luck for participating with me. I can't speak for her exactly, but I think we both love the idea of dedicating a month to saving and getting our finances in order. And I think we might both agree this July was not the best month to try to not spend. She was in Kentucky having tons of fun and as for me, well, I had lots of things going on as well.

Yes, I went into this month thinking that I was going to be able to stick to my strict budget and do just fine. Budget + Birthday = Budget out window. Plus the fact that I started buying Christmas gifts didn't help any either.

If you total up my regular spending, not including Christmas gifts and other things I knew I was going to exclude from the budget, I spend $70 this month. But because I went a little Michael Kors crazy and I had the wedding and all of those activities, I spent more this month than any other month in a year!

This month little things kept popping up! The storage container I wanted to use for my makeup went on sale for 50% off at Michaels then I got my employee discount on top of that. I saved a lot by buying it now, but still that was $25 I wasn't planning on spending. The same thing happened with Christmas gifts. A ton of things I had my eye on for gifts went on sale a week ago. They wouldn't be this low of a price again. I couldn't let it pass. All those small things add up.

I think the one thing I've learned from this No Spend month is that you can't go willie nillie spending. If you know you are going to buy something anyway and it goes on sale, it's okay to get it. You are saving in the long run. But with that said, it's not okay to get something just because it's on sale. Then you are just spending money that you don't need to be spending. While my Michael Kors handbag I got this month might have been a "I got it because it was cute and a good price" purchase and I spent money that I really didn't need to spend, I am loving it and using it every chance I get.

What are your thoughts on No Spend? 

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  1. It's your birthday- treat yo self! I've been wanting a Michael Kors bag for awhile; I might have to get it for my bday this year! I've attempted a No Spend month- I did pretty well but definitely found areas for improvement. It was more of an eye-opener than anything else. I think you just need to find a balance that works for you. Happy birthday!

  2. You definitely deserve to treat yourself!