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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Do y'all remember a while back when Jane from Poppiness formerly Taingamala hosted Insta Tuesday? You linked up your Instagram pictures from the week and it was a complete blast looking at every bodies pictures. I miss that link up. So because I missed it so much, I decided to share my week through pictures!

1. This is Bo and I. Bo didn't want to sit still long enough for me to get our picture. Even if he didn't want to take a picture with me, I still love spending time with him and Christy.

2. As I have briefly mentioned in the past, I was a bridesmaid for my best Friend Becca's wedding. This super cute cup was part of my the gifts she got us. It has our names and bridesmaid on it. You can't tell me this isn't cute! I've used it ever since I got it on Friday.

3. The day of the wedding, we got to the church at noon for the 4pm wedding. We had a little extra time to relax, so after doing our makeup, Becca and I got a wedding day selfie. Don't we look great?!

4. After a beautiful ceremony, some pictures, and getting lost on the way to the reception, I was finally able to enjoy the reception with some of my best friends. Lisande, Becca and I posed in the beautiful garden behind the country club.

5. My beautiful bouquet that I got to keep from Becca's wedding. It is currently sitting in a vase in my room. Every time I look at it, I think how I might like to use sunflowers in my bouquets for my wedding.

6. Tuesday I went out shopping with mom for my birthday. I found 3 cute white dressed while we were shopping at Kohl's (did I mention I love shopping there?!) I tried all 3 of them on but ultimately fell in love with this one! It was super cute and fit well too!

7. Back when John and I went down to Keesler AFB for his eye surgery, we stopped in the BX to look around one day. I found this beautiful Michael Kors handbag that I loved. I've been eyeing them every since. But because I didn't want to drop nearly $300 on one, I just wrote it off. That was until Mom and Dad got me one for my birthday! I'll be sure to go into more detail later!

I really think sharing pictures needs to be a thing again. Anybody else agree?!

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