Not That Much Money in a Jar: 52 Week Saving Challenge

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello again, and welcome to another week of No Spend July! Katie and I are almost half way through the month! I can't believe time is going by so quickly. I'm not sure about how Katie feels, but I feel like I was just starting to plan for the No Spend month!

No Spend Month

Let me tell you one thing though, I didn't plan this month very well. I am not saying that I'm doing horrible at my no spend month. I'm just saying that a month that includes my best friend's wedding, my birthday and a trip to the beach makes for a lot more money spent than I expected! But with that said, I am about half way through my planned budget. So I suppose I'm not doing so bad.

This month I decided I was going to use cash for most of my daily expenses excluding getting gas for my car. It is a good thing I planned it that way because my bank card decided to not work anymore. I went to get gas last Wednesday and after having trouble with the pump accepting my loyalty card that gets me an extra 3 cents off per gallon I went inside to pay. When I got inside, my loyalty card was accepted but when I swiped my debit card, it rang up as not allowed. I thought maybe it wasn't accepting it because I was trying to put too much money on it... $50 (as a side note, I will never let my car get to empty again, that's too much money at one time!) Finally I used a card with my USAA account and it went through.

I didn't think a whole lot about the gas situation at the time until I went out on Friday. The lovely bride and I went to get our nails done and have some lunch. I paid cash for my nails but didn't have enough cash left over for my lunch bill, so I went to pay with my card. Our waitress came back and said that my card said the purchase was not allowed. I was embarrassed, though the waitress said it wasn't declined, it just wasn't accepting it. I again paid with my other card. Needless to say, today I will be visiting my bank to get it straightened out.

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you one of the fun ways I decided to start saving money. A portion of my paycheck automatically goes into a savings account, but I wanted to save a little extra in a fun way. So I announce the 52 Week Saving Challenge. It's been all over Pinterest, so it's not new, but I thought it was a cool way to save.

52 Week Saving Challenge

I started my savings the week I started my new job. So far I'm still into it and also using it as a change jar for all of my extra change from my cash purchases this month. Yesterday was Week 9 and I added my $9 to the jar. Normally that would make $45 total, but because of the extra change I put in, I have $50 there so far! If you were to strictly stick to the plan, you would end with $1,378. Though I'm hoping by the end I'll have closer to $2000 in my jar (or the bank because I won't want that much money in a jar).

52 Week Savings

Hopefully next week, I'll have great news about my spending for the past week and my debit card will be working again! And don't forget to check out how Katie is doing!

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  1. Weird that your card just stopped working. Hope that gets resolved quickly.

  2. I hope you get the card situation resolved!