She's a Good Girl, Loves Her Airman: Painting Lust

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I've had this lust to paint lately. Between the night at Wine and Design and watching the Michael's painting artist on Sundays, I really want to get into painting! It seems like such a fun and gratifying craft.

I had seen a cute painting a while back and decided to make my own. I'm all about being crafty and getting to express my artistic side. Thanks to my Silhouette, this was a simple craft. It's inspired by the Tom Petty song Free Fallin'. John and I both like the song and so this just seemed to fit us. I couldn't help but be super excited to make it.

It will look perfect on our Air Force/Longwood wall.Yes we plan to dedicate a wall to all of our achievements and fun collectibles. My framed diploma will finally have a home.

Holding that paintbrush in my hand made me long to go back to Wine and Design again. I had planned to celebrate my birthday with my friends by painting a beautiful beach scene while sipping some wine, but unfortunately work got in the way. I'll have to put off the painting and wine (well, maybe just the painting) a little bit longer. No fear though, I will get there for a birthday celebration even if it's a month late!

 photo Ashley_zps5473f6ca.jpg


  1. I need a tutorial on this!

    Love Always,

  2. LOVE this. So creative girl.. may have to convince you to make me one!