Shopping Haul

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

If you've been around here, you know that I rarely do shopping hauls. I tend to be more of a saver. But when good deals come around I just can't say no! It might be a weakness...

A week or so ago I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's. So I went in to see if I could find anything good. I needed a new pair of jeans. I started browsing the clearance wrack and found a pair of Levi jeans that were reduced to $13.80. Yes $13.80! A little mental math and that is $9.66 that I would actually pay for the jeans thanks to the 30% off coupon! SCORE! After figuring out I could pay $10 for jeans that are normally around $45, I started on the hunt. I was searching out these jeans now. I ended up getting 4 new pairs of Levi's and one pair of Kohl's brand SO skinny jeans. Grand total for my jeans... $42 plus tax. Five pairs of jeans for less than $50! I couldn't believe it.

A few days after my wonderful savings at Kohl's, I had some time to kill so I stopped by the mall. I had a save $10 off $40 coupon for Bath and Body Works. It wasn't the best coupon I've had for them, but I had my eye on a few candles. When I went in, all the candles I wanted were 50% off! I was pretty excited. I figured out that if I got three candles, I wouldn't qualify to use my coupon, but if I got a fourth candle, I could basically get it for $1.25 thanks to my coupon. So I walked out of the store as the proud new owner of four wonderful smelling B&BW candles. Total purchase price: $36! Not bad in my opinion. Did I mention I'm obsessed with Bath and Body Works candles?!

Five new pairs of jeans and four new candles for around $80. I think I had a pretty good shopping haul. Right in time for July's No Spend Month!

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  1. I love deals like this! It's so fun to find them. :)

  2. What a freaking steal. Dang!

  3. That's amazing! We were in B&BW last night and came SO close to buying a candle. I totally would have if Parker wouldn't have decided we have too many already. So cool about the jeans deal too!

  4. This is how I shop! hahah But I dont know if I could find a deal as awesome as Levi's for that cheap! And B&BW candles are like crack.

    Love Always,