Things Don't Always Go As Planned

Friday, July 11, 2014

Today I had planned to talk all about John and his career. Telling y'all about how much he loves being in the Air Force and how he is going places. Well, he loves being in the Air Force and he still will be going places, he just won't be a Staff Sergeant this round.

He seems to be taking it okay, but how can he not be a little disappointed?! When we talked yesterday about it I told him how something better must be planned. The pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and getting Staff just wasn't in the pieces for his immediate future. God must have a plan, even if it's now how we imagined it happening.

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  1. Aww bummer, the pass rate was rough this year. He's so lucky he has someone like you to encourage him.

  2. Sorry to hear lady. I like your way of looking at it though. Very optimistic.

  3. Im sorry that it didnt work out this time but hey with someone like you to support him? He will be fine!

    Love Always,

  4. I'm sorry to hear that, but your outlook is great!