Two - Four

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's my birthday! I'm full of all kinds of birthdays over here at American Honey! Yep, that's right, today is my birthday! Surprisingly I don't have anything special planned. I did want to go to Wine and Design, but I can't seem to find a painting that I want to do that fits into my schedule.

I think tonight we might be going over to Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate. I'm pretty sure I won't get a cool cake like I did for my 22nd birthday, but that's alright. It was a really cool cake though!

I'll try to stay out of trouble whatever I do!

 photo Ashley_zps5473f6ca.jpg


  1. I hope you have an amazing birthday you deserve it! :)

  2. Happy birthday pretty lady!!! :) Hope you have had a great day.
    (It is my sisters 22nd birthday today too!)

  3. Love the cake! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!