Can We Be Friends

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lately all I feel like I've been doing is working. I honestly don't know where all my other time has gone. I swear I didn't feel like this when I was in school, and I was a full time student. Recently I've been giving a lot of thought to the differences between a job and school. Particularly the relationships you make at both.

The thought of friendships occurred to me the other day while I was driving to work. I'm not one of those people that makes friends instantly. I'm always friendly to people, but you are pretty lucky if I think of you as a close friend. I like it that way though, having a few close friends that I know I can rely on.

Anyway, I thought back to my college days and how I made friends then. It started out by sitting with somebody during the dreadful Physics class and bonding over the terrible teaching techniques of the professor. Then it grew into helping each other with homework because neither one of us understood what he taught in class. That eventually let getting drinks at the one and only bar in town because this stuff was just too hard. And the friendship was born.

Most of my friendships started as a classroom acquaintance to eventually hanging out together after class. But as I was driving to work, I kept thinking how do work friendships form. I suppose it's the same concept. You bond over some work related thing, and eventually you start spending time together off the clock and outside of the work doors.

I work with one of the sweetest ladies you would ever want to know. She has been working there much longer than me and has helped me quite a bit. One day while we were both working, I happened to get a very rude customer. While I didn't become rude or upset while the customer was standing right in front of me, it did affect me more than I wanted to admit. My sweet new friend saw that I was getting upset and came over to me and asked if she could give me a hug. In just that one gesture, she instantly made me feel better and I've considered her a friend ever since. While we have an age gap between us, I would still love to get to know her more and even see her outside of work. I'm sure it will get that way eventually, I'm just so glad I can consider her my friend.

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  1. That was nice of her! It always feels like making friends as an adult becomes weird. LOL

  2. That was so sweet. Work relationships are most definitely different than school ones. That is something I noticed very quickly about the working world, but eventually, it gets to a point where you're so comfortable around the people you work with that you'll feel weird NOT asking them to go to the movies or grab some lunch :)