Dreaming of Sweets: My Dreams and Goals

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you haven't been able to tell from my monthly goals, I'm a very goal oriented person. I like to have a clear and concise thing I'm working towards. Recently I've been working on small monthly goals to make myself a better person, but I haven't been working on the bigger picture.

In 5th grade, I boldly told my mom that I was going to be a scientist when I grew up. That has been my dream ever since. I have changed a little in the type of scientist that I want to be, but I've always known science was my subject.

After graduating college with degrees in Biology and Chemistry, I couldn't wait to jump head first into graduate school. Though that wasn't in the stars for me, at least not yet. I still want to go to grad school for Immunology. After finding out about my personal thyroid problems, I want to continue my education so I can help people who have thyroid diseases.

Finding a school with a graduate program in Immunology and completing my Masters or Doctorate is a stepping stone goal to my actual goal of giving people hope that they are not their disease and that they will be able to manage or overcome it.

BUT I am forever the dreamer and don't just want to be a scientist that works with chemicals, I dream of being a baker that works in the wonderful land of sweets. Baking has always been so enjoyable to me, so why not sell what makes me happy?!

While I am working towards my dream of becoming an Immunologist, I am trying to start up a small baked good delivery service. My goals is to be able to provide cookies, cakes and pies to a few local restaurants as well as the metal plant my dad works at. I would sell my baked goods for a very reasonable price. While this would not be a huge money maker, it would be something that brings me joy and that's all that really matters, right?!

This post has been inspired by an email from a representative of Kabbage. Over at Kabbage, they love to help entrepreneurs succeed in their goals by offering small business loans! Their application process seems quick and easy. Plus your small business loan is flexible to work best for you. If my goal of baked good delivery didn't involve baking in my own kitchen, Kabbage would definitely be a place I looked into to help me with my goals. Check them out at their website or on Facebook!

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  1. Keep up with your goals, you are going to do amazing!

  2. Ashley, you're awesome! Dream big, Girl. I want to meet you in person so bad! haha

  3. I love your goals - partly because I am so not a science person.. so it is cool to see others succeeding in that department.