How to Decorate Your Dorm Room Without Damaging the Walls!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I love walking through Target this time of year. They have so much awesome dorm room stuff out. Decorating my new room was always one of my favorite parts of moving back to college. But I often had to get creative with how I put things on my walls. I didn't want to get slammed with fees for messing up the walls and putting holes in them.

I found quite a few ways to decorate the plain white walls of my dorm room. I wanted to share my ideas so y'all can benefit from beautiful living spaces as well.

Vinyl wall decals are one of my favorite way to spruce up a room. I had this decal in my bathroom Junior year of college. You can find decals almost anywhere that carries any type of college dorm room supplies. I bought the green, pink and purple dots shown above from Home Depot.

Post-it notes might be small, but they are very useful. During my Freshman year, my roommate wrote our favorite quotes on colorful post-it notes and stuck them on the back of our door. Each day we pulled one off as a count-down to the end of the semester.

Command strips by 3M are the best way to hang canvas paintings or any light weight items. They come in strips for pictures as well as hooks for other items. They can hold anywhere between 1 and 5 pounds. When you are ready to move out of your dorm room, simply pull down on the adhesive strip and it pops off clean from the wall. Hanging pictures can't get any more simple than that.

Washi tape can be a great way to "stick" your pictures or other memorables to your wall. I loved this picture of John and I at the beach and couldn't help but stick it up on the wall. No need for frames or anything fancy, just grab some fun washi tape and get to sticking!

How do you decorate your dorm room? 

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  1. I love vinyl decals and command hooks, they are the best!!

  2. Love the wall decal idea! My freshman roommate and I (the only year we lived in the dorms) covered our ENTIRE room with bright colored wrapping paper (yes, gift wrap!)... it took FOREVER, but it was a lot of fun, and our room was hot pink, bright blue, lime green, and purple ALL year, which was amazing! We had coordinating bedding and even wrapped our desks and dressers with matching paper. It was definitely overkill looking back... the pictures make me cringe now, but it was SO cool at the time, hah!