It's All About My Hair

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I really seem to talk a lot about my hair. I really am not that vain. I mean I love my long hair (so does John), but I really do think about other things. Promise!

My daily hair routine consists of shampooing (if it's a 'poo day), brushing starting at the bottom and working my way up. Adding a few products to hold the moisture and help split ends. That's about it. 

The best hair advice I’ve received is probably to shampoo less and use a good conditioner. I feel like my hair has grown quite a bit more since I've laid off the shampoo. Have any other tips? My ears are always open!

My hair idol is Shailene Woodley. I absolutely loved her hair in Divergent.

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  1. I probably do my hair twice a week lol. Most of the time it's up in a ponytail especially if I'm not leaving the house.

  2. I was not joking when I said in my post that I buy conditioner buy the gallon. Seriously, I get the big ol' jugs from Sam's (or wherever they're cheapest) and a regular-size bottle of shampoo. With my mess of curls, it takes a lot to condition this mane!!!!!!!!

  3. I was my hair maybe 3 times a week. It dries out soooo much if I wash it daily. I usually put Moroccan oil in it after my shower while it's still wet. the brand "Not Your Mother's" has an awesome treatment that really works wonders too!

  4. i love Shailene Woodley! I thought her hair was amazing on Secret Life of the American Teenager... I was so sad when she chopped the whole thing off, even though it was for a movie role! It was soo long and thick, I was super jealous!