Running Again

Friday, August 8, 2014

It has been nearly 3 months since I've been on a serious run. And to be honest, I hadn't even thought about running until John brought it up at the beach. What happened to me? I had been so gun-ho about running, I wanted to run a half marathon this fall. I can't believe I just quit cold turkey.

Since I've gotten back from the beach, John has asked me quite a few times if I've gone on runs. I did go last Sunday for a walk/run with an average pace of around 12:30. I actually ran that rather well for not having run very much in the past few months.

I'm hoping to come up with another good running playlist soon! I get tired of listening to the same things over and over again. Suggestions are highly welcome.

 photo Ashley_zps5473f6ca.jpg

PS I promise I'll get back into serious blogging next week. I will buckle down and blog more!


  1. You can do this!!! :) You are awesome

  2. Yay for running! I like to use spotify playlists. If you don't know about spotify, text me! haha

  3. You go girl! You've got this.