Summertime is...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Summertime is my absolute favorite season! I realize I'm a little late in talking about the season, but I love the long, warm days summer brings. When I walk outside, I can close my eyes and feel the sunshine on my face and feel the feeling of summer. Weird? Maybe. But to me summertime is...

I'm pretty sad that soon the weather will be turning cooler and the leaves will be changing. Don't get me wrong, Fall is pretty nice, but there's nothing sweeter than Summertime and American Honey. (Couldn't help it, I had to do it!)

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  1. I am ready for fall/winter, it's my favorite time of year. :)

  2. Summer is my favorite too, but for some reason I get so excited for Fall. Cooler temps and riding boots make me so happy! I could definitely do without the cold winter though haha

  3. I love summer and beach days, but my favorite is fall. I was made for cooler weather. I live for jeans and hoodies!