10 Reasons I Love Fall

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy first day of Fall! Can you believe we are already in the fall season? I've been feeling it, let me tell you. The nights here in Virginia are getting a little brisk. Christy, we sure aren't in Summer anymore!

Since Fall is here and I can't stop it from coming, I might as well enjoy it. So I figured I'd share with y'all 10 of my favorite things about Fall.

1. 100 Grand Bars! These little candy bars... ah. I can only find them in the Fall around Halloween. They are one of my absolute favorite candy bars. That caramel and chocolate. Yum!

2. Boots. I love pulling out my cowboy and riding boots again. They are so comfy to wear and look great. I feel like they make a Fall outfit.

3. Apple Candles. If you have been around the blog during the past Fall season, you will know I love Bath and Body Works Farmstand Apple candles. Last season I bought three, yes 3!

4. Decorations. Our house transforms during the fall season. We have little Fall decoration that go up almost everywhere. But I especially love the mums we put outside. Also Pinterest is overflowing with Fall decorations. It's hard not to decorate.

5. Changing of the leaves. The leaves changing colors is one of my absolute favorites about the season. The scenery is always so beautiful.

6. Dressing up for Halloween. I love getting all dressed up as your friendly neighborhood Devil for Halloween. Being different for a day is the spice of like, ya know?!

7. Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for a lot of thing in my life, and I love having one day dedicated to showing it and spending it with my family.

8. Football. John might kill me if I didn't say this. But I do love watching football with him and even by myself (though I don't understand it all). I will be much more excited when we have a group of friends to watch with.

9. Pumpkin Spice Muffins. I am so thankful to my neighbor who brought over a batch of these and was kind enough to share the recipe. If you have a craving for pumpkin something, you should try these!

10. Feeling of Fall in the air. Alright, don't make fun of me, but sometimes I can just feel Fall in the air. It's that brisk feeling, yet it's still warm outside. It has a certain feeling to it. To me that is the best thing about Fall.

What do you love about Fall?

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  1. Amen to feeling fall in the air. Totally a reality!

  2. I love yours! I also love apple candles - yum! And pumpkin everything, and changing leaves, and Thanksgiving/Halloween! Ahh! :)

  3. I wish our BX had a better apple candle selection. I don't really love any of them. I really like Ikea's apple candles though and they sell them all year!

  4. I love fall too! Just started decorating around our house for fall.

  5. Yay for fall! I am so ready haha.

  6. Oh definitely yes to all of these! Fall is my second favorite season other than winter--I'm so jealous of y'all!!!!