Beauty Mini Series: Formal Makeup

Monday, September 15, 2014

Beauty is back! Last week's beauty mini-series installment was postponed due to the September Silhouette Challenge, but we're back for another week! After going to the ball, I decided that it would be nice to share my formal makeup!

Normally my makeup routine is pretty simple. I stick to neutral tones and a very natural look. But because I was wearing a more glitzy dress and going out to a formal event, I wanted my eyes to pop a little more. I still didn't want to over-do it, therefore I went to my TooFaced Natural Eyes Palette.

Pardon my awkward looking pictures. I'm going to work on getting better pictures! But let's get on with the fun part. For the most part, I stuck with the Fashion section of the palette, but I did add in a few other colors to round out the look.

Of course I started with my eyeshadow base. I feel like it's one of the most important parts so your eyeshadow doesn't crease!

Next I added a "blender" color Silk Teddy from the Classic section. I wanted the color from my lid to blend together easily with the lighter shade under my eyebrows. Silk Teddy was just a great option without being too glittery and getting all over the place!

For my lids, I pressed the gold Honey Pot all over the lids. I personally thought this gold looked stunning. I actually needed to go back and put a little more in the inner corners of my eyes to make it stand out a little bit more.

Blending is one of the hardest parts for me. I used Cocoa Puff for the crease color but decided to go a little lighter on this so my eyes didn't look too dark. I really wanted a lighter brighter color.

I finished it off with a little bit of Heaven from the Day section under the brows. I also lined my lids with Cocoa Puff and finished it off with Maybelline The Rocket mascara.

Of course you will want to put on foundation, blush, a little bronzer (if needed) and some lip color!

What is your look for formal events?

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