Friday Lattes and Muffins

Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Friday! Would y'all like to join me for a latte and maybe a blueberry muffin? I ran out ate all the delicious ones I made, so I would probably invite you over to chit chat over some warm drinks and muffins. It would be an excuse to make some more! They are so delicious.

I would probably have to start off our conversation by asking you if you liked the muffins. Then tell you the secret ingredient. I'm horrible at keeping secrets and it's not much of a secret if you read it from a book, now is it?! Of course not!

But anyway, I'd ask how you've been. It has probably felt like forever since we've caught up! It always seems like time just slips away from us. It's so easy to get involved with our own lives and not take the time to catch up.

After hearing all about what's going on in your life and catching up on all the latest gossip from you, I'd go into what's been going on in my life.

I'd tell you all about the Ball from the first weekend in September and how nice it was. It is so much fun to get all dressed up with the person you love and go out for the night. After talking about ball for a little while, I'd tell you about my trip to the beach with my family and how we had a wonderful time.

We even went wine tasting one night! It was quite an experience; they have pumpkin spice wine! But overall I didn't like this new winery as much as I did a few previous ones we've tried. They had an outrageous price for keeping your wine glass! It would have been $3 for keeping your glass, making the total price $7. It was a little too much for my taste. You probably would agree.

After eating another muffin, I would tell you how I've decided to open up an Etsy shop and how excited I am about it. But of course I'm also nervous. What if nobody wants to buy my stuff, or even worse, what if they don't like it once I've made it! Eek! You would calm me down by telling me the stuff I make is pretty awesome. And after having calmed down, I would tell you about this pretty sweet new blanket I'm making for John and I. Then embarrassingly tell you how I had to consult with my grandmother over the pattern and explain how I misread it and thought the pattern was totally wrong! But after figuring out the correct pattern and deciding I like it, I might make another one to sell on the shop!

I'd thank you so much for coming over and having a drink and muffin(s) with me. But unfortunately, I have to get ready for a close family friends funeral. I'd tell you not to worry, I know that after suffering from cancer, he is in a much better place, but he will be missed dearly!

If you don't mind, please pray for his mother. She would surely appreciate it.

RIP Dr. MD, you will be missed by many.

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  1. I need a friend/coffee date asap haha. This move has me going crazy.