Simple DIY Canvas Art

Monday, September 8, 2014

Recently my friend Katie moved into her dorm room and has super bare walls. I knew I had to help her fix this problem. It just so happened that fixing Katie's bare wall situation also coincided with the Home Decor Silhouette Challenge. That's what I call killing two birds with one stone. Metaphorically of course!

I wracked my brain trying to come up with a simple way to help Katie decorate her walls. Originally I thought some vinyl would work wonderfully, but it turns out she already had a vinyl decoration. So since I've really been on a painting kick lately I decided a simple flat canvas that I could paint and still use vinyl would be perfect!

So the first step is to actually paint your canvas. You will more than likely need three or so coats to get rid of the brush lines no matter what color or type of paint you choose.  I personally used the color light green from Michael's Artist Loft collection. This color is hopefully going to match the color scheme in Katie's room.

While you are waiting for your paint to dry, you can pick out your design. I found a lovely flower on Pinterest. Don't worry if it is just a regular image. You can use the trace function on Silhouette Studio to make it cut-able!

The first thing you are going to do to make your image cut-able is open up your flower (or whatever image you choose) in Silhouette Studio. duh! I'm sure y'all already knew to do that, but I'm starting from the beginning here.

After you've got it opened you are going to go to the Trace button (shown with the arrow labeled 1). Once you have the Trace sidebar open you are going to click on Select Trace Area (arrow 2) and draw a box around your image. It will turn blue. Next you are going to click on Trace Outer Edge (arrow 3) and you should have a red outline around your image as shown in the picture.

*Note: I tried the Trace Outer Edge function on a different image and it didn't turn out. You may have to use the regular Trace function (located above Trace Outer Edge) instead of only tracing the outer edge. This will all depend on your image.

And finally move your original image so you can see your outline. If it looks good, go ahead and delete the regular jpeg image. Load up your mat and cut this sucker, I mean flower out!

*Don't forget to change your settings to vinyl!

Now that you've got your painted canvas, and your design all cut out, it's time to put this baby together. When using vinyl as a decoration, you need some type of transfer tape. I ran out of the real stuff, so I've been using Glad Press 'n Seal wrap. It works exactly the same as the actual transfer tape. Just pull yourself off a piece the size of your image, stick it to the top side of your vinyl and smooth it out using your scraper tool. Be sure to go over the whole image a few times to insure your vinyl is good and "sealed" to the Glad wrap.

Peel the white backing off your vinyl and place the sticky side on your canvas in the spot you want it. Be sure to use your scraper tool again to make sure the vinyl is completely stuck to your canvas and it doesn't have any air bubbles.

Ta-da! You have completed your lovely simple DIY canvas art! Now go find the perfect spot to put it!

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  1. Love this as a gift for a college bound student. Personalizing your room is always on the top of the priority list!

  2. what a great idea using press 'n seal!

  3. Ashley,
    I love the idea of the press & seal. I also like the way you made beautiful art in a cost effective way.
    Have a creative day,
    Karen Marie Pads
    Dragonfly & Lily

  4. You use press & seal?!!? That is genius!! I am constantly out of transfer tape time to go to the grocery store!

  5. great tip with the press and seal!! that's SO much easier then getting new transfer tape :) Also, love the rose... the whole thing came out great :)

  6. Your friend is going to love this! The green is so refreshing and I love the flower you chose. Thanks for the tip about the press and seal, never heard of that before!
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

  7. I love it! And seriously, you can use press and seal?! That is brilliant! Thanks for the tip!

  8. Awesome press n seal info! Thanks for sharing. Great job on the art too. :)