Bang Bang Weekend

Monday, October 6, 2014

This weekend was a blast. I've been hanging out with new friends each week for what we call "game night". We get together and make supper and play games. It really is a lot of fun. Here's a peak into one of the game nights I've previously went to. Anyway, this past Thursday, they invited me to go shooting with them. I really have been wanting to learn to shoot and buy my own handgun, so I excitedly agreed!

We went out in the country near my college to one of the parents house. They had a beautiful house with a lot of land and woods. It was the perfect place to go shooting and it actually turned out to be a beautiful day.

At one end of the yard they had a wood pile where they set up old milk jugs, soda cans... pretty much anything that was shoot-able. Then they started pulling out the guns. Boy they had a lot of guns!

After watching the action a little bit, I finally shot. I did a few test shots at a target board. I did better than I anticipated. My shots are the larger ones just a little below and to the left of the black part of the target. Not bad huh?

I also shot long range (about 110 yards away) and hit a milk jug. I'm a little sad I didn't see it, but I was so excited that I actually hit it.

Next up was skeet shooting. That was a lot of fun to watch, but I got frustrated trying to actually shoot the clay pigeons. I did manage to hit one and tip another one, but I had a very low success rate for that. Plus the kickback on that little shotgun was more than I expected.

And finally, my favorite part was the handguns. I shot 5 different types of guns. I'm horrible with remembering exactly what I shot, but I know it was a 22, a revolver and three different types of 9 mm.

Shooting the revolver
The 22

I actually got quite a few cans (and some dirt)!

Oh I also got to keep a few of the bullets we found! I am so excited my friend invited me!

Now I'm wanting to get a gun of my own. I just have to figure out what I want exactly.


  1. I love going shooting, it has been so long since we have taken our gun out to the range.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I've never been shooting before, but I want to learn someday.